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In mint condition, very good condition, like new condition?????????


Well-known member
I have found out that one persons idea of mint condition is another persons Fair condition?
When I buy a used detector and the add says "Like New Condition" I expect it to be like New
Not after I get it and it has scratches all over the face or beat-up headphones, looks like it been thru ww3?
Then you get this "It works like new" It's not a big scratch or the million other BS reasons it messed up.
And let not forget the creative photography that goes with it hiding all the imperfections of the detector.
If I want to go thru all this BS I would buy on the bay.


Well-known member
The idea is to simply sell it and walk away. Its the same thing with cars, but at least with cars one can usually see before buy. My kid just bought a high end Nikon 35mm camera lens for $25 on eBay. Seller said “mechanism stuck” so kid thinks for $25 I can either fix it or trash it but either way I’ll something from trying. Got it apart and some fork thing slipped out of place so he lubed it lightly put it back together and everything works perfect! $500 new, $300 used in good condition and he has it now $25 and some time.
Buyer beware is always the axiom but the pendulum swings both ways......


Well-known member
I can see your point but when I sell or trade I mean what I say and I say what I mean no BS.
I expect the say and will take no less.
I'm real picky about my equipment & tools I keep them tiptop.
You have to try to do a little research on the person your transacting with. Read some of there post , are they new to forum , check the feedback section. Check photos closely. I have made many trades and have been lucky so far.The used detectors on this forum is still relatively safe to buy detectors at reasonable prices ! I too expect mint to be mint. If I am selling I try to disclose all flaws in the description, cause it just wouldn’t feel right to misrepresent the detector. Just how I was raised. I always give feedback to whether or not the seller was accurate with there descriptions. That keeps things on the up in up .


Well-known member
I get what you’re saying! Im not a mechanic but my tools are are clean and organized. My truck is 20 yrs old but she is waxed and kept clean and no major dings or rips. My firearms are near new looking and work flawlessly. My detectors are cleaned and checked monthly. But as noted above not all generations are as ethical as others. Its a throw away, me me me, group now.


Active member
I think people need to be shown what like new or prestine or used really means . In what condition would you say my idx is in ?


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Well-known member
Then ask the question, does it work? The answers run amuck...................................


Well-known member
No matter how I might try, I can’t keep myself from fully cleaning my Detectors and even shovel and pin pointer after every use.
I do the same Mr. Meister. You take care of your equipment and it will serve and take care of you. As you are cleaning your equipment you are also subconsciously doing a visual inspection of anything that could be a problem. The time to note a problem is at home cleaning the gear, not in the middle of the woods or a site you are about to hunt. Proper cleaning and maintenance will also extend the life of your detector and gear.


Well-known member
My interpretation is as follows:
Mint condition- used but no difference visible compared to new unit. Most of warranty remains Top dollar

excellent condition- significant usage but still looks and functions as well as new. Approximately halfway thru warranty near top dollar but good savings from new one

good condition- major usage with noticeable signs of use but still looking great and full functionality. May or may not have warranty left.
Substantial savings

used- looks like heavy use seller should describe flaws but likely visible in photos, and anything missing. Bargain price only. No warranty expected.