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Is anyone still swinging a Safari?


Active member
I see where Minelab has stoped production. I have always wondered about them.

I have tried to post in several other places about input on the safari with no luck in response so I am going to try here.

Is anyone still swinging one?

Or have you switched to the vanquish or equinox?
I just got off of the phone with a Minelab dealer who gave me the low down on the safari vs vanquish and equinox.

So how do you think it performs?

Would i better off buying the vanquish since it a faster unit or go ahead and pull the trigger on the safari while there are still some available and give it a chance?

All input is welcome!!

Mark ( ohio )

Active member
Well; I can only give you my opinion on this question... so here it goes.. I have owned an explorer, explorer II and a safari...and now hunt with a vanquish 440... My finds on deep silver and wheaties and indians etc... multiplied hugely with the explorer and safari detectors.. The id set-up on the explorers is way better I feel vs the safari.. I likes the grid set-up vs the numbers.. But as i got older the weight of the vanquish was a major improvement, and yes the vanquish is a pretty darn good capable machine in its own right !! I personally don't think it has the raw power of the explorer series or safari, and I'm pretty sure it won't perform nearly as good on a salt water beach either.. So ultimately what are you looking for ? Lighter weight was a big consideration for me and I don't get to the ocean too frequently anymore either... so I'm good the the 440

Best of luck on your decision.. Mark ( ohio )


Active member
Thanks for your input Mark. I appreciate that.

Well actually I am looking for a machine that is good for the ID of coins at depth that runs in simultaneously multi freq.

I am not as concerned for high trash contaminated of iron.

So I have had an equinox and the vanquish 540 previously. But never used an FBS style machine much.

I like the single numerical number of the safari vs the fe/co number of the Etrac and other FBS units.

Being that it has been discontinued and you can get a new one for a fairly decent price now is why I am considering it.

But part of me thinks I may be happier with the eq 600 or even the vanquish 540 pro pack.

Am going to think about this a little longer.


Well-known member
I have a Safari, and really like this detector. I am basically a relic hunter, but I recently used the Safari on the beach for the first time, and I was really impressed. It is a pretty simple detector to use for old hunters like myself in that you don't have to spend your time trying to get it set up instead of hunting. I bought mine used, but I'm considering either getting a new Safari with a warranty, or a Minelab Equinox 600. Now would be a good time to purchase a Safari as Minelab is decreasing the price. I personally feel you couldn't go wrong with a Safari. It is a great all around multi-frequency detector. Hope this helps.


I have never owned a Safari but I do own a Quattro and an Etrac. Except for the weight, I prefer both of those detectors over the Equinox. The Quattro/Safari is simple to use, detects deep targets, and it has a more accurate TID than the Nox. It's not fast so it isn't great in trashy areas but if you take it slow you can keep up with any other detector out there. Good luck with your decision.


Active member
I usually use an Explorer XS but I also have a Quattro that I take out every once in a while, I still go back to the Explorer (and that's the old original XS) , but then again I generally hunt parks, a few permissions, and sometimes beaches, situations which the FBS machines do particularly well and I like the X-Y format more than the numbers.