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Knee Pads

The ones I found that work the best for me as they dont slide around and stay put. These are made for I believe is got at Duluth Trading and made for the pants they make also for those that work on their knees . The pants have a compartment in the knees where the pads slide in so the stay put. If I remember correct there is other pockets for some of the tools also. I have a pair of them myself and if I am going to be digging on my knees alot I will put the pads in.
I tried a lot of different knee pads over the years and hated they dont stay in place or hard to kneel down and bit into my legs.
I havent used them for a couple of years now as I had to have both knees total replaced at once and hard to kneel down and get up, but plan on using them again soon.

I tried a few kinds of knee pads over the years and don‘t like the straps behind the knee.
Still looking for a better idea.
Too bad they don’t make a peel and stick pad
To add to RickND’s post, U.S. military pants also have a pocket on the knees that allow padding to be inserted in them.. they have a velcro closure.
I too have searched for a nice pair of knee pads, but the ones I have tried also seem to not stay in place.
I do prefer the ones that have regular
straps rather that elastic straps, which seem to work loose at the buckle and need to be retightened.
I bought a pair at Lowe’s that have Velcro fasteners and have hard plastic cups with padding… those work pretty good, but have to be readjusted from time to time.
I use kneelon knee pads. They've lasted a very long time for me, with lots of use. I've used them for long detecting sessions(8hr) and not had issues, only adjusting when I take a break. I do wear jeans though, I'm not sure how they would compare with shorts. Before I bought the Kneelons I tried a cheaper version and the padding flattened almost right away. YMMV
I use the ones from homedepot I only use one on my right knee works that is how I go down to did very comfortable and leaved it straped for the hunt. Also good for gardening. Three position dual strap very comfortable
Im currently using the Duluth Trading exterior pads. One trick to help stop the sliding up and down (to a pretty good degree) is criss cross the straps across the back. I cant do the “rice paddy squats” anymore so a set of their pants with the slip in pads is looks pretty good right now.
Duluth Trading pants with the slip in knee pads