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Mint no longer accepting “found” coins?


Well-known member
Just went in to turn in $60 worth of 25/10/5 coins at our bank. Advised US Mint no longer will accept coins that are oxidized, burnt, damaged, etc to the point of “not normally recognizable” or that banking facilities should not accept coins that could not be turned around and put back out to customers or businesses. Given website for which I cant find anything there that advises such.
I trust our bank and know they have to abide by the policies they get but when did this start. I have cleaned the coins to the point no dirt etc is present, only badly oxidized. Has there been a change in Mint policy? What about monies damaged by fires etc etc...?
Can somebody ref me to a site with definitive answers cuz above site is worthless for asking questions.


Well-known member
There is absolutely nothing on the website addressing this other than under Consumer Alerts there is an advisement regarding bent or other such damage in which the coins could not be counted by machine. I have sent an email to the Mint for further clarification and will post a response once received.


Well-known member
Update: Mint responded. They have nothing to do with banking policy so sounds like bank just trying to get out of accepting them. They have tho, temporarily stopped taking applications to accept mutilated monies. In a further inquiry, discolored coins is not considered mutilated. So, I will do a final update on this once I find out the banks reasoning. Thanks for your patience......


Well-known member
Contrary to popular belief Banks are Not required to accept any currency or coins. The mint for a long time would not take corroded zinc pennies. You have to ship damaged coins to them. If its zinc pennies it is not worth the hassle. Some Federal Reserve Banks May take damaged money. But not our local banks.
You lose ~6% value, but I take mine to the Coin Counter machines located at grocers or WallyMart outlets. Note - it won't accept 'toasted' zinc pennies either, but they often reject silver. Got two GW quarters a week or so ago. Their loss = my gain.


Well-known member


Well-known member
Update: Every retail store and bank out here are screaming for folks to turn in their piggy banks. Seems like the Mint had to slow down or stop production due to the current pandemic. The stores are pleading with customers to use cards or checks due to lack of change available . Since our local credit union is offering a lucky member a chance to win $50 for turning in rolled coins I emptied the whiskey bottle of all the coins I’ve been saving for two years. A bit under $100, score!! Asked now about the discolored coins I have the assistant manager looked and said they were mutilated and that the Mint has temporarily suspended its turn in program.
I politely pointed out they were not mutilated, just discolored. She started to stand her ground and I presented her a copy of the Mints page of defining what mutilated coins are. Nothing about discolored. I was told if the Mint doesn't accept them then the credit union and members suffer a loss. I explained they were soaked in hot water and every coin was scrubbed with an old tooth brush, clean but a might ugly in its current color.I then advised her that per the Mint the Mint does not tell banking facilities what to take or not take. Thats the job of the states Banking Regulatory Commission.
Spoke with them, passed the buck again. Said each individual bank should have a written policy on what they accept. This agency did not so she took the coins in good faith that they work in vending machines etc and that they are easily recognizable.
I think probably more banks etc are going to reject simple exchange if not cleaned up to a minimum of shiny looking again. It may behoove those of you who have discolored coins that now is the time to convince your bank to take them before some new regulation gets thrown at us and they are hurting for coins.


Active member
My old clad cleaning solution.....gave it out years ago.....try this .. cover your coins in white vinegar and add a table spoon of salt to a cup of vinegar....if you have a tumbler ..use aquarium gravel and tumble for a half hour....if not a jar with a screw on lid.....shake it for a few minutes and let it set for a while and do the same over and over for about a half hour or more.... rinse with water and wipe with a soft cloth or towel....rinse the coins thoroughly before you towel dry.

You now can't tell the difference between the coins in your pocket and the clad you just cleaned.... your bank will take your coins now.........your welcome !