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MXT question


So, why would my MXT VDi meter blank out on me over a target that screamed like a silver dollar? I did recover a super heavy small black rock from the spot.It twas fist size and about a foot deep. I figgered the weight was 1-2 pounds, which is darn heavy for a rock that size. Too bad I left the rock in the creek,sure hope I didn't toss out a gold nugget with some sort of black layer on it?
Whats the secret to hunting rings and gold at Soccer fields and Volleyball courts anyway? I never have found any jewelry at Volleyball courts. I did find a couple mens wedding bands with my MXT in the infield areas of adult baseball fields. My friend told me that when outfielders throw the ball in towards home, they sometimes lose their wedding bands doing this, especially down the baselines. Where would the goodies be in soccer fields generally? What do gold chains sound like on my MXT? On my Lobo ST ,they make a chattering noise.Ps, I am using the 6 x 9 coil on my MXT.

-Tom V.


New member
It could have been a meteorite or melted metal such as brass or copper. If you had it to measure weight and dimensions I could figure the likely composition according to weight since most metals are pretty unique.
I find globs of copper and aluminum around burn sites and houses that have burned down. They always hit hard and sometimes max out the VDI scale. Smaller pieces show up as quarters, bigger pieces as dollars. You will figure out that many trash targets read good, it's just that they have the composition to foul the detector.


I found a piece of magnetite in a desert wash near a patented gold mine in Arizona back in 2003. It is solid iron and weighs about 5 pounds on my bathroom scale and is about twice as big as the rock we are talking about. However, the magnetite rock looks porous on the outside with red hematite showing, whereas the rock in question was a solid black surface and had no red splotches on it and exact shape of my clenched fist and a slightly rounded ridge between the 2 flat sides where my knuckles would be. The third side was curved up in,just like the fingers would be on my fist. My fist measures 4.5 inches from pinky to thumb knuckle x 2.5 x 2.5 inches across the back of hand to knuckles and 2.5 from knuckles to 1st finger joints x 3.5 inches x 4.5 inches across the base of my fist where my fingers are curved up inside my fist,if that helps?
My magnetite rock is 5 inches long x 3 inches x 3.5 inches approx. I had thought this rock was a meteorite until it was pointed out to me the red hematite splotches are not present on meteorites.
The odd rock was found in a white gravel bar where all the cobbles were the same size, looked rather suspicious? Most gravel bars I have seen are a mix of sand, various size rocks, small boulders, etc..not all the same size rocks. I am betting they were mining stuff out of the creek bed here years ago. Maybe they threw the cobbles up along the bank as they dug like I do when mining gold in Indiana creeks?