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My first good beach find!


Well-known member
I have little to zero beach experience. Got up at 6am and wandered down to the tan sands and took the leap. Instructions to saltwater beach hunts in manual seem odd to a land hunter but I tried it. Pretty sure beach was either picked clean or I had it all wrong so after about an hour of mostly pure silence I headed back up to the loose sand (low tide was 5:30 so I was clear out there).
I started working around the big beach logs where people sit to take of shoes, have campfires, etc., that was bottle cap hell. Decided to walk the most likely paths back towards the access points and hit a couple zincolns so maybe picking up now. About 50’ out from the path point by a larger log I hit a repeatable nickel signal at 4” and pushed the scoop down. Heard something metallic rattle and then I saw a gold chain and pendant! It was still clasp so my first thought was it was tucked in a pocket and pulled out or fell out. Rinsed it in the water and called it quits, I swear I could smell the coffee from the beach house!!

Chain is marked 14k but I’m 99% sure the gold colored pendant is not a real gold nugget but wont know until tested. Pretty sure I’m going to stay a land swinger, this beach stuff goes against my comfort zone!!!


  • 336A6904-59D6-465C-91B9-D98730EAB5E4.jpeg
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Well-known member
Going to have to wait until we get home to get it checked. Place here wants to charge me $15 to test and a week to hold until they can get to it. BS, place at home checks it free and if not real busy in under 15 minutes. Oh the anticipation is killing me………


Staff member
That’s a beauty. Congratulations on a nice find. 😀


Well-known member
Well, one sweat outta the way!! Its not magnetic!!!!


Well-known member
Well Done Ronstar on the nice save. Fingers crossed that it is the real deal. This will give you something to think about on the drive home. Which beach were you at? My wife and I are going to Tybee Island on Aug. 1st. I haven't decided yet if we will take a detector with us.


Well-known member
We are Lincoln City ,OR. The more I think about this the more I think this could have been a fresh drop. It was clasp together so thats an intentional move. Altho it was about 4” deep just walking in that loose sand could have buried it that deep as I’m pretty sure it was stepped on as the chain had kinks/bends in it. I checked with the local PD and no reports of lost so either doesn't know its missing or doesn't care. We leave tomorrow for home and they have my info.


Well-known member
Beaches can be tough especially ones that get raked and you have to get on them before the AM
Guys are out at night in Florida..


Active member
Nice find! I LOVE beach detecting! It isn't anywhere near what it used to be but if you are prepared and are willing to work the hrs needed you can find good stuff. I always take an acid test kit and gram scale and diamond tester with me to determine what metal and stones I have. Like I mentioned it is not what it used to be. An average beach hunt would yield lot's of goodies but I think people do not wear jewellry like they used to. Ah well, we just have to be flexible and adapt.


Well-known member
I was using (or I should say experimenting) with my Fisher F75SE. Manual says to put sensitivity below 30, GB by hand (was in the 80s) and I was running Jewelry mode at the time. Pretty sure I was hitting the pendant which has a good size clasp to hold the “nugget”.
They dont rake the beaches there. Tide change smooths them out except close to the sea walls. Taking it to rock/gem store today………🤞🏻