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My hat is off to you water hunting guys!!!


Active member
I got my new under water Grey Ghost headphones in the mail on Saturday.. It being extremely hot outside I figured it was a perfect opportunity to give them a try.
I spent a few hours Saturday evening wading through the water chasing targets through the gravel, sand, and muck...

Tell you what... I am 23 years old and consider myself a fitness junkie. I eat right hit the gym on a regular basis... But that water hunting kicked my butt :surrender: lol I was beat after being out in the hot sun for hours, spending so much energy on trying to recover each target.. I was using a scoop that doest help much when digging through the large rocks and branches laying at the bottom of the pond lol

I really did have a blast!!!! I have never water hunted before.. It was just as exciting and fun as land hunting.. Being able to dip down in the water to cool off was a bonus too :) I will definitely be trying it again soon.. We are heading to Jersey early August for a little vacation.. Plan on spending some quality time on the beach when I get there :detecting:

I feel like I did pretty well for my first water adventure. I ended up with two mercury dimes that the water turned completely black, four wheats "lost one" two little clasp, a junk ring, and a lead fishing lure :thumbup:

All of the above items are shown in the first picture. The second picture is from today's hunt with my buddy Jim. We spent a little over 4 hours at a heavily hunted park.. One wheat, and a 1905 and 1889 Indian is all I have to show for that hunt.. I love finding Indians so it was definitely a good day for me:)
Well everyone thanks for taking a look.. Good luck hunting and stay cool !


New member
Congrats, I started water hunting last year here in Tennessee I can drive to several states so have lots of fresh water to hunt. Could not agree more I am 38 y/o professional firefighter and spend ample time in the gym and water hunting is draining lol. I hunt water all summer and then hit the land the rest of the year. The scooping and recovering targets in the water is a whole new animal in even in sandy lakes I still struggle sometime :shrug: Stick with it cause finding a nice ring really adds another level to this awesome hobby. Great job for your first water hunt.


New member
And I thought it was just me getting old. So, everybody gets wore out hunting in the water! It would be a lot easier with a big backhoe to dig targets in both the water and on land. Or using a snorkel and just wave the sand away. Of course, this only works if the water is pretty clear. Around here visibility is only a couple feet.


Congrats on your first water hunt. It's my favorite way to hunt.


New member
Some nice finds was the ring silver:twodetecting::minelab::cheers:


may wanna zap them rings to be sure ....

seen 14 k turn black seen silver turn brown from being in clay and next to iron to long seen barbers ate all the way thru... seen bust just crumble... into nothing...

May be surprized how many hunters been fooled by coppery looking saint medals.....the silver has copper in it and it leeches out of the metal throw it in Muriatic Acid if turns white well ther

you go ...if turns green ...and starts spuing..well that copper and brass

wash off and your good ......make sure no little kids around.... and never leave it where..... the little buggers can get to it.... any way any how.....

Like them walkers out of the creek when you look down and ole Benny Franklin is staring back at you.......reach down and pick em up .....walkers have that nice Blue chrome tone....yep 100

year old swimming holes is like stealing candy from a baby......every Moma knows sweets aint good for babies ....

may have to go fire up the ford....

Happy Trails


New member
Water hunting ain't no joke thats for sure. You definitely get a workout. The "Pro's" make it look so easy though don't they....false advertising:rofl: The more you do it and get your target retrieving skills honed it will get easier and you won't feel like the water put a woopin' on you. :lmfao: Good Luck. HH


New member
Agreed on checking the rings, I have seen rings in fresh water for a long time turn color to the point that I did not think they were gold, especially 10K. If you really want to have "fun" if you ever get to the shore try it out in the waves, it's 10x more work. Congrats ont finds!!!!

Big Boys Hobbies

Active member
Thanks for the pics and info. Water hunting kicks my tail too. I for sure ain't getting any younger!

Thanks again!


Staff member
Nice finds Derrell and that 05 Indian looks rather nice. :thumbup:

I sure would not wanna reach into a handful of muck and grab that Lure.

I am looking for a handheld gas powered jackhammer so I can chisel into the ground. :rofl: With that said, water hunting sounds rather fun at times like this.