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New legend question


Active member
Ok so I got my legend out of the box and all charged up. It has version 1.09 software on it and I think the 1.11 version is out, So my question is is it worth doing the update or should I stick with the 1.09 version?


Well-known member
V1.09 is very good. V1.11 added Bottle Cap reject & Ground Suppressor controls & a few minor tweaks.


Well-known member
The bottle cap rejection is worth the effort if nothing else if you hit a lot of modern trash areas. Check to see if you have the threshold update as well if you detect with one.


Well-known member
My opinion if you can get the install of 1.11 to go with out a hitch it is worth the update, the reason I state this is I have two Legends my first Legend was one of the first batch to come to the U.S so it had 1.04 version, my second Legend I purchased to teach my wife how to detect it was originally 1.05 but I had the dealer I purchased it from update it to 1.07 my Legend that came with 1.04 I had nothing but issues with every update, my second Legend which was a 1.05 version I have never had an issue with any of the update process, both my Legends I updated to 1.11 but the one that was originally 1.04 does not run any where close to my Legend that came with 1.05, it is like I am running two different detectors out of the two I have the one that was originally 1.05 runs way better than the one that was originally 1.04, running same settings and same coils they run no where close to each other, I finally gave up and took the one that was originally 1.04 back to 1.09 and it seems to run way better, but I use the one that was originally 1.05 the most out of the two the 1.11 runs really good on it, here is the other thing I purchased the LG24 coil which runs great on my Legend that was originally 1.05 now updated to 1.11, but when I had my Legend that was originally 1.04 updated to 1.11 I could not run the LG24 coil on it at all with 1.09 version on that Legend I have no issues running the LG24, so someone explain that one because it makes absolutely no sense to me


Well-known member
My Legend was 1.07 when 1.09 was present. I had trouble updating that was quite frustrating but was traced to my computer. 1.09 was excellent in my opinion, no complaints. When 1.11 came out I was skeptical and waited for people using it to report. It seemed to me that credible posters thought it was an improvement so I updated. I had zero problems doing it. I really don't notice much difference yet, though that could change as I learn more. The way I look at it is that 1.11 will at least do everything 1.09 will. I've heard that if I am wrong, I can still go back to 1.09. Good luck, you have a great machine no matter which way you go.