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Nokta macro legend


Well-known member
I think after using The Legend for a bit you will see a place for both machines.


Well-known member
i used to own an at pro, i tried to make friends with it, and i owned an at gold, loved that unit. The at gold was my go to machine for quite a while, but now i own an anfibio multi and a legend. The legend is now my go to unit


Shouldn't this be posted on the Nokta forum? This forum is to help AT owners, not discourage them.
I don't see nothing discouraging about it. Can you please point out the discouraging part? He said he swings a at pro and loves it. Posting this in the nokta section may not help him as none of them may not have used an at pro. I own a at pro and a legend. Have had my at pro since dec 2013. It is good but isn't a legend. The legend is a great detector and usually my go to. The at pro is good but the legend will work better in the iron. You can't go wrong having both in your arsenal.


Well-known member
So I just purchased the Legend because it sounded interesting. I swing an AT pro and love it. Hopefully it makes a good back up???
A lot of detectors 'sound' good but turn out to not be a good fit for some folks and where they hunt.

I have several detectors, as I have made a point for the past fifty years, because some detectors, or detector & coil combinations, can work fine for certain applications and be a wee bit better than other units. It's all a personal thing.

i don't have an AT Pro, unboxed them when initially release4d for a dealer friend and checked it out for a while. Worked, but not what I needed. Tried an Legend aI borrowed for a short 'visit' but honestly i preferred the Selectable-Frequency Anfibio with 5" DD coil for the trashier, iron-littered sites. Don't have it now, either, because my 19 kHz Nokta Relic w/5" and Makro racer w/'OOR' DD provide me the same, or better, in-the-field performance. It really is a personal thing and if you like your AT Pro enough, and the Legend seems to be a good fit for the type of sites you hunt, then sure, hang onto the AT Pro as a trusted back-up.



Well-known member
Can you please point out the discouraging part?
Old thread but here goes. People go to the individual manufacturer threads usually for help and encouragement or information about this brand detector. The only info and advice was to get a Legend. How does this help a Garrett user? If I want to know how good the Legend is, I will go to the Legend forum. Not everyone that scrimped up enough money for an AT can afford a Legend. Why should the forum they go to for advice on their detector, post that theirs is only a good backup so get this other brand? Wouldn't you think that would be more appropriate in the Minelab or comparison forums? You're welcome.


Active member
Agree! Not a Garret themed post. Should be in the Nokta thread.


Well-known member
Also, looking at the original post, it could be that the Legend might be a backup if he really enjoys the AT Pro and not into a lot of adjustments.

As for me, I compared a Legend against the Garrett Apex w/Ripper coil and I prefer the Apex. Of course that's for land hunting as I don't swim or get in the water while the AT Pro and Legend can.

Garrett is doing well in the industry and the Apex is a much better detector than many think. It depends what the poster is looking for.