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People watching, Entertainment for the cost of a Quarter


Well-known member
Wife and I check things out while sitting having a ice cream or my favorite beer. Especially on a outside table near a sidewalk. Once in a while I'll drop a Quarter that I've rescued from the Deeps somewhere. So the quarter's laying in plain sight, here come a gang walking along texting. No way they see anything around them. Sometimes youngsters skipping along will snag it up. Sharp eyed mothers are pretty good at spotting them. You can tell when someone spots the coin but is too embarrassed to pick it up. Our favorite was the guy around 50, well dressed, seen it and walked by. Turns out he knows change adds up and came back. So he stoops as if to tie his shoe and palms the Quarter. That ones hard to beat. Anyway that coin was retrieved from the Florida Gulf, and is now traveling along to who knows where.


Well-known member
I am an old retired type and I will snatch up a coin if and when I spot it. My last job the break room had pennies all over the place. They Youngsters were not interested in them. A Mature lady put an empty two liter coke bottle in the break room with half dozen pennies in it. When the kids filled it up with their unwanted pennies she took the pennies to the coin counting machine and cashed them in. She then put the green money from the worthless pennies in her pocket.


Staff member
I'm superstitious and only pick up coins that are heads up, an old boss of mine was shot in the back picking up a penny face down. Probably had more to do with the neighborhood he was in LOL


New member
Sounds like an interesting afternoon, even though being in public anywhere where I could watch people would be nice these days. Safely anyway.


Well-known member
Reminded me of a neighborhood where I walked to get in my miles. One day I noticed that there were three quarters on the side walk and four boys watching me carefully. I just scuffed my foot over the coins and kept walking as they had glued the quarters to the sidewalk. I think they were disappointed that I did try to pick them up.