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***Preferred Deep Relic Program with Deus***


Well-known member
Happy Thanksgiving Diggers-

I have been using the XP Deus as my only detector since November 2019 and I have been extremely happy with the performance no complaints. I have found more period coins, bullets, civil war buttons (including 5 Confederate I recovered-4 last year and a beautiful Mississippi A Coat button I recovered here in Virginia just last month. I exclusively land relic hunt here in Virginia where I live for civil war and colonial relics/coins and have primarily using Deus fast-with high frequency coil. (14 KHZ).

I am curious what are some of the "preferred" deep relic programs/settings that diggers are using in the field and have you all noticed a difference in depth in recovering deeper coin/relic targets? I have used the sonar program but personally for digging conditions here in Virginia I have not noticed a real difference between Gary's SONAR program and Deus fast which I presently am using. Thanks and happy digging Deus users.


New member
I started to use a modified version of Gary's sonar program at an iron-infested Yank winter camp a month ago and really have come to love it. Mostly I use hot as the base program, but have also tried deep and fast for a base, and go w/ the sonar settings but make these changes: reactivity 3, sensitivity 95 or more if you can stand it, and freq. either 17 or 28 using the 9" x35 coil. I leave the tx power at 2. The hot base setup is a little less noisy than the deep base setup, and you may sacrifice a bit of depth, but depth really isn't the main factor in a iron-infested winter camp. Even so, I've dug bullets at 8-10 with both. I've messed around some with the same setup in regular woods hunting, using reactivity 2 or 2.5 and 12 or 17 frequency, and am still learning, but have had pretty good success with using fast as the base. Like you, I've pretty much stuck to using the fast program the last few years, and really like it. Sonar program is basically about the tone and tone break points, so the depth mirrors the depth on whatever base program you're using; reactivity, sensitivity, and frequency being the most crucial depth-related settings.
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Lodge Scent

Active member
Sounds like you and the Deus are working well together. I haven't seen a substantially noticeable difference in depth between the Deep and Fast base filters. I am sure there is some in certain conditions. For me, I see the biggest impact in depth is with Reactivity. I've had deep faint good signals at R=2 just go away completely when I went to R=3. But like Darkhollow mentions, depth isn't everything. I found a tiny cuff button the other day with R=5 that R=3 couldn't hit. It was very shallow and right next to iron. If I want to hunt real deep in clean ground, I do use the Deep base program to start, and depending on the coil, I'll either use 8 or 14 kHz, R=1, max out TX, Sens = 95, and usually a negative disc. Likely a useless program in hot soil but mine is very mild. I could use R=0 but I get sick of digging deep pieces of small graphite that sound really good. In moderate iron I'll use R= 2.5 or 3. That will still get you plenty deep.


Well-known member
Dark hollow, Lodge Scent and targets -

I really appreciate your settings you all use and although I already have Gary’s Sonar program already programmed on my Deus I do not have the ones you both mention.

I was looking at one of Calabash’s videos (201:geek: I believe (pitch) program and have customized his settings for my Deus. He recommends using 28 KHZ and says he has cleaned up on sites that others have missed in locating the non-ferrous targets using 28 KHZ vs lower frequencies like 14 KHZ.

I have primarily been using Deus Fast which defaults on 14 KHZ, but never knew that using a higher frequency on the high frequency coil will yield more minds I look forward to seeing what I have been missing using yours’ and Calabashes modified Pitch program. I will report back after this weekend. Happy hunting XP users!

Lodge Scent

Active member
Yeah you definitely want to use more than one frequency if you really want to be thorough. The Deus is a button killer in any frequency but at those higher frequencies those very small cuff buttons will start to pop. Even with the Deus if you just hunt with one frequency or just in one mode, you will leave a lot in the ground.