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Rechargeable Batteries &G2+


Well-known member
Why would you want to?----9v rechargables don't have a very long run time anyway (IMO) not worth the trouble.-----You can get 15-20 hrs run time on a 9v alkaline on the G2+/F-19.---Carry a spare alkaline 9v in your pocket (away from metal) that can be used to replace either the detector or hand held pinpointer if need be.---How cool is that!
TennRelic said:
Anyone using rechargeable batteries on the G2+?
Are they worth it?


Well-known member
I use Energizer and Tenergy 9V NiMHs in my pinpointers, F19 and Minuteman. They work great. Don't buy junk rechargeable or chargers. Good quality ones will last many years.

Since I work hard to find every penny I have zero problems using rechargeable batteries and eventually saving money in the long run while also not tossing one-time use batteries in the garbage.
I take mine to a battery store for recycling. I find too many batteries while detecting and the chemical halo they make in the ground is pretty amazing from a detecting stand point. They make quite a target and my pinpointer can still detect their residue in the hole after removing them.........



Well-known member
With the Energizer and Energy NiMH 9 volts I get around 16 hours in my F19 without the backlight and using headphones. It would be less time with the light and internal speaker. I have also used and like EBL Lithium Ion rechargeables. I get 16 to 18 hours with less power drop off. I always have a fully charged spare with me.

When I haven't used my F19 for awhile there is little to no loss. I get about the same time in my Garrett pinpointers if I have the light off.

charging time is 2 to 3 hours.



I use the Tenergy 9V NiMHs in my G2+ and have never had a problem. Don't last as long as non-chargeable, but I carry a couple of spares. Great way to save money.
I use the EBL lithium ion rechargeables in my F19's , G2 and my pinpointers. They last all day and then some. Haven't bought a throw away battery in years.