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Saturday with the 17"

My fears of it not running stable were unfounded. It ran GREAT in A+2 in GH's program. It is a bit weighty, and for the first time I noticed myself switching arms on occasion. I am guessing there isn't anything out there where I hunt deeper than the usual 7", because I didn't find anything deeper. Later in the day I put the stock coil back on to give myself a break from it since the stock coil can do that depth with no problem (most of the finds out there I can actually hit with the Garrett pinpointer before ever breaking ground). It was nice to cover that much ground that quickly though.
As usual I dug everything non ferrous that was repeatable, because you never know what you will find at a 163 year old home. Pinpointing was not a problem unless there were two targets down there, then I was wishing for the trusty old X-1 probe on the SE Pro. The only notable finds were the parts to an oil lamp, a .50 round ball with patina, and 3 pennies, 1942, 1950, and 1976 with lead melted to the back. If anyone needs some can slaw, let me know... Still looking for my first silver.... since 1988 when I started.


Active member
You might have tried this. I found that with the 17" coil, if you shorten the shaft some, as compared to the length of shaft extended using the standard coil, it will help a lot with the balance......HH
It is pretty depressing...


Well-known member
Joe time to pick a different hunting spot look for a spot that had a lot of activity where MONEY change hands fairgrounds is a good pick church pick nick grove some places just don't have many coins homes without children one person home it's got to have Lot's of activity i know there's a old silver there at this house you have been working but i say give it a break and hit a new spot and come back later it's not going anywhere.sube


New member
Don't feel bad or alone. I have found silver in the past with other detectors but that was a long time ago and back when I lived in S.W. Virginia. I moved to Ky a year ago and just got the CTX a week ago and haven't found any silver or gold yet and I have been out almost every day since I got it for at least an hour at a time. I am find clad in ground that I previously covered with another detector, but along with tab tops and bottle caps, but that is it. We just haven't hit the right spot yet, because I am confident that it will do just as good when we actually run across silver or gold in the ground. You can tell that by the test rings and coins. We just have to keep swinging and our time will come, I feel sure.


New member
Big coil, feels a little heavy? Gee if only there was some kind of a Thingy, that would take the weight off while you were Swinging. I don't know what you would call it, but that would be the bomb.

Sorry I couldn't resist, :crazy:

Haha Doc, very subtle. All jokes aside, I would HIGHLY recommend one of Doc's Swingy Thingy's. I have one (Doc's older style) and use it on almost every longer hunt that I go on. Doc has TOP customer service and is a great guy to deal with. His new Swingy Thingy would be just the ticket your looking for if you find your having problems and switching arms while hunting. -Marc

Joel Shappell

New member
I recently tried my 17" coil and was pleasantly surprised that it worked so well. Took it to a place I was finding Indians at 4-8". Figured there should be some deeper. Got a solid hit in the Indian Head range at 12". Dug, turns out it was closer to 14". Wow, should have seen my face when I dug a memorial from that hole. Doh! Obviously some landscaping going on that I didn't know about.