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Silver rejection in high trash mode


So I was out messing around in the yard with different scenario’s, square nails next to silver, pull tabs with everything and I discovered a weird thing, in high trash mode the machine did not register a peep with a silver dollar unless you were right on top of it 2in. My regular program picked it up around 12in, am I missing something I see it’s notched out on the screen but hey if you didn’t know better and got a pure silver signal no trash you would walk right by.


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Back yard test:

Two nails one on either side of nail with both nails pointing NS 1” from either side of coin.

Swinging from EW picks up silver coin no problem in High Trash because the center of the strong part of the double D coil can hit the coin by itself and give off correct TID and audio using combined audio. Valid for 2 In high and 5" high, but start to lose signal above 5". Getting solid high pitched audio in the combined audio mode and good TID for silver dime.

Swinging from NS no sound or TID of coin because center strong field of the 11” double D coil is now over both the iron and silver and is totally masking the silver coin.
This is why you grind a property from 2 different directions to find all masked targets.

I am not sure if this addresses your question and situation. Not sure of the orientation of the nails and your swing. Not sure what regular program means. Not sure of all your other settings. All of those could be a factor. Others with more experience may chip in and clarify anything I don't understand. I am sure Rattlehead or Idxmonster could help on this subject. I am going to see what Andy Sabisch has to say on this subject in his book. Because I have an 1800 home site with plenty of iron in the ground and I have never found a single old coil. So I suspect masking and my settings may be the problem. Finding coins with the CTX in a field with not a lot of junk is a piece of cake.

In Clive Clynick's CTX3030 book starting on page 96 Johnny Angeleo has for pages on masking and to be honest I got totally lost with his explanation on this subject.


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I looked in Andy Sabisch's book on the CTX and could not find anything addressing this issue. Maybe I just missed it in his book.
Tried it with a Morgan and a dime. On my CTX it is all about orientation of your detector and the iron beside your target, in my case rusty iron nails an inch on either side of the coins with the nails running NS and swinging EW over the target.
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Fwiw, the only silver dollar I have found, rang up 12 41. Ground coin. 5".

First target of the day. If it were the last target, I would have skipped it.


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Fwiw, the only silver dollar I have found, rang up 12 41. Ground coin. 5".

First target of the day. If it were the last target, I would have skipped it.
I have had some good luck on 1st targets in volleyball courts. 1st was a honker silver ring, gold platted and a few small diamonds. My wife took that one. 2nd one was even better later that year a $400 .925 Tiffany's heavy chain bracelet. Both were fist targets under the net near the pole. I love 1st targets regardless of what you find. It means the hunt is on.


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This is what I have seen several time with the CTX and even the Explorers by trying different coins and if you are running a tight disc pattern the silver dollars and some bigger silver targets didnt signal. The silver dollars reads lower than the half and in a tight disc pattern it read in the disc out area. I also see if you take like 5 quarters stacked up and wave the coil over it it will not read and may even null. try it with the CTX or any of the Explorer and see what happens, 2 or 3 maybe OK. but anything more the signal get choppy or until there is no signal after adding one at a time.
I hate to say it, but on a club hunt for buried silver halve dollars I set up a disc pattern on the CTX and didnt get a single half dollar in the whole hunt and tried it with one of the found halfs and got no signal, then I remembered I forgot to open up the very top right on the disc pattern and actually rejected the halves. that was a embarrassment and never did that again.



Staff member
You notch you lose is my saying. At a comp hunt several years ago I set up an example for people to try. I t was a "deep" hunt for silver halves at 6 inches no Biggie right, not! Some poor feller had a custom coin program installed on his CTX at a boot camp and couldn't touch it. The bounty hunter behind him in line banged it out from all directions. LOL
Try a one-ounce silver round for a real eye opener.
HH Jeff


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I have begun to think the best way to notch is with combined tones to help you pick out your favorite targets you are seeking. For instance if I am hunting Civil War Bullets I assign a high tone to the TID range of 3 ringers just before my tonal range for silver coins since I am always interested in silver coins. This obviously does not work so well when looking for gold rings. But that is a different story all together. The real strength of the CTX in my opinion is the ability to give solid signals and the target trace and target circle gives you some solid hints to good targets vs trash. Of course with pop tops and pull tabs that again is another story.