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Still working on the 1900's children's playground...


Well-known member
What you are seeing is from my last two hunts at the early 1900's playground site. I also found 16 wheaties which obviously aren't posted. Earliest wheatie is 1911. The grass was recently cut and truly helped me get close to the ground. Moving turtle slow and investigating / digging the iffy's netted me two of the mercs. They certainly were not "textbook" signals but the hint of a high tone had me digging! Anyone have an idea what the Eagle is with the Skeleton key and sword? Thank you for looking.

Detector used:
Equinox 800
GB- 0
Recovery - 4
Iron Bias - 0
Park 1- Multi
sensitivity: Maxed out at 25
turtle slow scanning speed


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Thanks T-DUB! It is the pin model worn by the troops and NCOs during World War II corresponding to the Quartermaster Corps of the US Army.


Well-known member


Well-known member
Children’s playground and they got a Quartermaster? Must of been a 6th grader!😂😂😂

Just goes to show patience pays off, good job sticking with it. I’m starting to get into the military buttons as well after getting that Great Seal button that was identified as 1910-1923. Have a couple others as well. And a four silver day? Stellar!!!!


Well-known member
You are doing great at that site Jim….
I need to find about ten sites like that to catch up to you…🤭
The first park I thought of starts with a “B” 🫢🫢🫢😂😂


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Well-known member
Just proves my theory that the silver now days is deep and masked.
It takes a different mind set to stay patient and keep looking when your back is killing you.
Nice finds on that play ground Jimmy.
Thank you SL52. The type of hunting I perform requires a ton of patients. ( patients is a virtue)
As you can see from my settings, my recovery is adjusted to 4 on the Equinox. This also requires a much slower scanning speed. I use no iron bias as I want to hear everything and do not want the slightest amount of masking from this feature. The biggest change (if you want to call it that ) is raising the sensitivity from 23 to 25 which is max on the Equinox. This little boost in sensitivity has definitely made a difference on deeper coins. I have never found such deep silver, IH, and wheaties in all the years I have owned the Equinox until I started at this Playground. 7”-9” is normal and a few breached 10-11”. I’ll never forget when I unearthed the first barber dime. I thought to myself, “ no way in hell this can be a coin” I already was at the depth of my Garrett Pro Pointer. But another 1” beyond that (smack dab at the bottom of that hole) I finally popped out the barber dime.
I sat back and said to myself, “absolutely incredible!” I scan about 3 feet in 4 -5 seconds and this method (along with max sensitivity) been nabbing the deep coins.
I’m not gonna sugar coat this process as it’s very tedious and does wear on me however the results are amazing moving this slow.


Well-known member
All those finds are in nice condition too.


Well-known member