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New member
I received a new Simplex about a week ago and have about 10 hours on the machine. Absolutely love the depth, recovery speed and sensitivity. Already found several wheats and silver dimes in areas I have gone over many times with other detectors.

But I'm having a strange problem. The unit arrived with v2.77. I've notice that if/when I lightly tap the coil on the ground, the unit will consistently will cause a tone and a 98 on the VDI. This occurs, for instance, when placing the unit on the ground to dig a find or just during normal operation by bumping the ground. I'm not slamming the coil, but lightly tapping the coil or lightly bumping the ground during normal sweep. I can also cause a false VDI of 98 to occur by having the coil approach the ground but not touch. Further testing, I found that lightly tapping the coil when in mid-air also causes a false signal of 96-98 to occur. Bad coil? Anyone else having strange false signal when lightly tapping the coil on the ground?

Hopefully this isn't a defective unit. That would be disappointed after owning for only a week, but crap happens.


New member
btw...I made sure the coil cable connection is tight and battery fully charged, etc. Other than this strange problem, all appears to working normal, but I do get false 96-98 signals if the coil approaches or taps the ground.
I've been thinking about these coil options on the new coils and I see no reason to buy a new one. If they would have made a smaller DD coil I might have been interested but not a round and definitely not an Eliptical. My stock coil would be far superior.


Active member
Hello Digger499 I think what's happening is ground balance fluctuation it happens to my Simplex as well and over the 30 + years its done it with all my other detectors and coils so i wouldn't worry about it to much.


New member
after cutting field grass, etc around an old farm [which have small stems left] If I bump some, the coil sounds off too. It worry's me that the coil might get bad some day


Had a gold detector with similar symptoms that was excellent (very sensitive) on small gold. It helped to wrap cable firmly to shaft and try to avoid bumping rocks. I adapted to the nature of that detector.
after cutting field grass, etc around an old farm [which have small stems left] If I bump some, the coil sounds off too. It worry's me that the coil might get bad some day
Do you have a COIL COVER to help protect it from rocks & etc from harming it? Very important --I tried to keep one on mine, but when sent in for repairs, White's repair service didn't return the coil cover, so watch out!! Ma Betty


Well-known member
Bumping a coil on anything can cause an audio false . Nothing new detectors have been doing it since I started late 1960's. You'll eventually get into the habit of not bumping the ground and avoiding hitting any other objects.
thanx Ma, I thought a Simplex comes with one, it looks like it has one on it...
Well my detectors were in the 1980's & the coils didn't come with one--Well anyway White's brand didn't! I forget how advanced detectors & accessories have become! My last one was the Spectrum XLT & I quit detecting in 2006 or 2007 after my ill brother came from FL in 2006 to live with me & when I became too ill--SO SAD--I really enjoyed MD'ING! May God bless with lots of good finds! Ma Betty


New member
Thanks for the feedback Gents. The Simplex does come with a coil cover.

The unit is still within the window for a return, but it sounds like this may be normal behavior. I have a Land Ranger Pro that does not have this issue. I've been detecting for 40 years. My first detector was a Bounty Hunter VLF all analog.

The Simplex is definitely a sensitive machine, but it's taking some time to get familiar with it. It's a little frustrating when I get high tones just setting it down on the ground. Tonight I was detecting an old forgotten forest road and found a 1944 wheat, but all the twigs and fallen branches caused a frustrating experience of false signals.