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T2 in all metal

2 Much Trash

Well-known member
I’m a diehard t2 fan and user. But are there folks here that use all metal mode on a regular basis and how in the world do you do it?😩


Well-known member
I’m a diehard t2 fan and user. But are there folks here that use all metal mode on a regular basis and how in the world do you do it?😩

I use all metal most of the time on my F70 which is built on the same platform as yours and the F75.
In my mineralized dirt it works the best, also in heavy iron where the resolution using any of these is better if you use higher, hotter settings.
Pretty much the opposite of the high beams in fog don't work as well theory which may be true on many brands but not on these three.I
Surprisingly I found it works crazy good in sites with insane EMI problems, you would think it wouldn't but I discovered this by accident when I was hunting in the most EMI plagued site I ever hunted so that day I decided to explore this method and see how far I could take it.
It can get pretty crazy doing this especially the way I do it with gain and thresh maxed and boost turned on.
Fast jumping, falsing and tones hitting you all the time but by listening to those tones and watching the screen at the same time I can pick out the better, repeating, solid real targets out of that insane behavior pretty darn
How did I learn to do this?
Same way as how you get to Carnegie Hall...Practice, Practice, Practice.
Wasn't easy, took some time and effort doing it for short periods on many hunts attempting to get used to what I was seeing and hearing, I would do it as long as I could stand it and then switched back to normal settings when I was mentally fatigued.
After months of this it got easier and easier and I could do it for longer periods of time and eventually I realized I was finding more and better treasure doing it this way.
Now, a few years later, it is second nature to me...I am just as comfortable using all metal and maxed out super hot settings as I am using toned down calmer ones in disc and I know for sure I still find more when I do.
An extremely helpful skill you must learn but priceless and productive if you care to spend some time to learn it.
Hunting in disc works well but this can be another arrow in your quiver skill set that might just come in very handy in many situations.
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2 Much Trash

Well-known member
Thanks so much Revier for taking the time to respond. Your response is extremely helpful. The reason for my question was that a few months ago I decided just for the heck of it, to switch from disc mode to all metal because it was the deeper of the 2. It was driving me nuts. Tones going off every which way, numbers bouncing every which way. But all of a sudden, for some reason a tone caught my attention and I decided to dig it just to see. It ended up to be a large cent every bit of 13” down. This was in a pathway that I had swung the coil over many, many times In the past. I haven’t used all metal since then, but the thought of that dig is always on my mind. I’m not sure about the numbers, are they ground phase or target ID. I not only need practice, I rekon I need patience too. Hopefully we can talk some more as I get more time using all metal.
thanks again


Well-known member
Glad to help.
You had what I call an AHA moment, that's all it took to start me on my journey into all metal.
Numbers, don't much care about where they are unless they are all in iron, how they behave, however, is the important thing.
Where I hunt they are all skewed and messed up anyway plus mostly upaveraged as I get deeper because of my mineralization.
I don't sweep the coil real fast, listen for decent full rounded tones even if they are super short, look for fairly stable repeatable short ranges of numbers that don't jump too much no matter where they are and pay attention to depth...the deeper ones for sure.
I also hit targets from more than one way...if everything repeats and sounds, looks and lines up the way I like it I dig and more often than not I am rewarded.

You had a glimpse of what's possible, heard a good tone that rocked you back a bit, anyway, more practice and you will get way better.
I am a tone guy but watching the screen helps when you search this way, cuts down on a lot of junk and trash digging when you know what you are looking for.
Certain types of screen behavior can be big clues.

Search for my name here in the F Series forum and the words "F70" and "blast through method" because I have talked about this a lot.
how it works, what I listen for and what I look for in the screen behavior.
Or just ask and I will find them and direct you.
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Well-known member
I do also, almost entirely hunt in all metal. I use it mostly on beaches. All metal cuts out the masking and its more sensitive to smaller gold. It hits small gold chains very well.
Im gonna guess Im not bothered by the noise usually because Ive used Minelabs mostly over the years and theyve got a constant threshold.....silent search machines get me thinking Im missing stuff.
Ive done direct comparisons on finds on hunts checking targets in different disc settings and all metal and without a doubt the all metal mode finds me more, smaller and deeper.


Active member
I use all metal when hunting with my gold bug pro. It might be a little bit deeper but you never get clipped audio and after some time the audio will tell you as much as the tid #s if you are not hunting a really trashy place. I guess it depends where you are hunting and mineralization makes a difference. I mostly hunt in the woods for relics so it works well. On the beach I always use all metal unless in dry sand with all the trash. When I use my eqx 800 I usually use gold mode in the woods not really all metal but as close as you can get. On the beach I use the appropriate mode. I do find the threshold a little fatiguing but I think it is worth the advantage when using all metal mode and have found it quite effective with my F5 also.

Good luck and happy hunting
Ps. I retire the 31 of March so I will have more time to enjoy one of the best hobbies in the world.
Take care


Active member
Retirement is great and I highly recomend it. Been retired since December 2015 and am loving it.


Well-known member
I’m trying to get used to using all metal on my t2 and anxious to try AM on my f19 when I get it. Now I have also an XP Orx and tho I haven’t tried it I believe the gold modes are like using all metal so I need to give those a try as well.


Well-known member
Ive tried all metal motion on my F75 and drove me nuts, I was getting a few more relics tho in deeper pockets. Have not tried static mode yet, not sure when you would use it?