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Thoughts on Nel Sharpshooter for F75+?


I have the F75+ with stock and 5 in. coils. Just wondering if the sharpshooter is the real deal? What advantages might I see? I'm a coin first hunter. Thanks Joe
The real deal ?? What do you mean by that.... Yes , it is a damn good coil, I first used one on my orig explorer many yrs back.. I was impressed so much that I bought one for the f-44 also.. On the 44 I was getting correct ids on deep targets in my area.. also didn't have much falsing in the ground except in extreme iron infested areas.. This coil is way better then the big teardrop that orig came on the detector...On the f-75 don't know, doesn't it already come with a large dd coil ?? Not sure if you will see any performance benefits by using it.

Just my 2 cents.. Mark ( ohio )


Well-known member
Found a ton with my 5" and never thought I needed another coil for my F70 but I traded my high tone Vaq to a dealer and got a new Mojave in trade but a lopsided deal so he also let me pick out something else and I picked up the Sharpshooter just for fun.
Turns out this thing is way more shielded than the Fisher coils I have used and resulted in a much, much more quiet and stable machine that made a big difference in many sites because I have no DST.I
You might not believe how hot I can run my rig now in even the most challenging EMI filled sites.
Surprisingly deep, unworldly separation and a little bigger than my little hockey puck Fisher DD sniper so it feels like I am hunting with a bigger coil and covering more area.
Not really all that much bigger but it "feels" like it is and that is important.
It works so well and it has found so much for me I never mounted my Fisher sniper again.I

My review...


Thanks for the replies. I purchased a sharpshooter for my F75+ and tried it out today. It worked very well, I didnot dig anything old but dug several clads 5-7 in. measured deep. The ID bounced some on the deepest ones but the tone was very good. I did dig a 1961 Canada quarter. It come out quite shinny. Is there some silver in it?? The ID was bouncy on it.

jim tn

Well-known member
Good hit on the quarter. That year is 80% silver, if I recall correctly.

The Sharpshooter is a good mid size coil. I am using the Fisher 5 x 10" DD currently, but used the Sharpshooter on my last F 75 and its was a good performer. HH jim tn


Absolutely love the NEL sharpshooter on my F75. When I first got it, I posted that afternoon how it was like shooting fish in a barrel as far as coin tones at the park for me. Clean, sharp, great size. I also bought the larger NEL Hunter and use it in place of the stock coil. I like its feel better. Very comfortable with both now. Two thumbs up!