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Trying out the MMK..................


Active member
I recently acquired a Makro Multi Kruzer and took it out for a quick 1 hour hunt yesterday afternoon. I am quite impressed with the Kruzer! I went out to one of our local, hard hit parks yesterday afternoon for just under one hour. The Kruzer is quiet in 2 or 3 tones but chirps a lot in 4 tone. Being a coin hunter, the 3 tone mode worked just fine for me. The coins I hunt are not old or not very deep. The Kruzer hits hard on coins but breaks up on trash. I did dig one signal that I thought junk and it was a screw cap. Otherwise the coins are the only signals I got that were a good signal. It hits real good on nickels and I like that. This park is very trashy and filled with screw caps, crown caps, pull tabs, foil bits of varying sizes and shapes and can slaw. I am not impressed with the headphones as the good sounds of the Kruzer through the speaker are quite muffled through the headphones. The volume through the speaker is adequate but could be a bit louder. The settings are very easy to navigate and there are plenty of ways to set up the Kruzer to fit different hunting styles or sites. The Kruzer did very well in all that trash! The pic is what I came out with.


Fearless Freep

New member
Wow...good job in the park for sure. Looking forward to getting my MMK back from the repair depot. It was dead from the moment I unpacked it. At least the support I got from folks on this website and the dealer really helped to determine the fault and the depot replace the control unit. Was shipped today so I'm hoping to try it out by next week.


Well-known member
Yes, the Multi-Kruzer is a very capable detector. The military audio testing done in '82 kept me from getting a civilian job at Hill Field AFB in Utah because they said I was deaf. They retested every year through '86 when I could work part-time in the summer and told me the same thing. My hearing definitely hasn't improved in the past 30+ years and I use three different brands of corded headphones in order to comfortably hear the audio response from the several different makes and models in my 'Detector Team,' and that includes the Impact and Multi-Kruzer as well as my new White's MX-7 or older model Classic ID.

All of those models have a somewhat 'muffled' audio, like you referred to, with wireless headphones [size=small](Impact and Multi-Kruzer)[/size], and some with certain corded headphones as well. My Nokta Relic and CoRe devices, or Tesoro's or White's XLT do fine with any of the three sets of headphones I have, but others are more particular about what I plug in and wear over my ears.

Do you only have the standard 7X11 DD coil for the Multi-Kruzer, or have you acquired any accessory coils yet? I found the 7" Concentric coil to be an ideal coil to use on the Multi-Kruzer, just as I do on the Impact or Racer 2, for most day-to-day hunting. Most Relic Hunting and the bulk of the Coin Hunting I did was in 3-Tone. Just curious what you're using for coils and settings.



Active member
As of now, I only have the stock coil. I do have plans for the 7" Concentric. I have heard much good about it. I just ordered the 1/4" headphone adapter and will be playing around with the 5 pairs of headphones I have as well as the Garrett Z-Lynk to find what I like best. I too have hearing loss but am going to get around it, one way or the other.

Coin Rescue Inc

Active member
Good to hear you are liking the MMK.
It works fine for me.
I now have the 7" coil and it works fine. I only have used it for two hunts.
In sandy soil it is deep. It also hits well on coins. Nice and light. The first hunt I picked up a rusty crown cap at 12" imitating a quart - 88
On the flip side it does receive a lot of mixed signals and some of them high tone (using 3 or 4 tone)
Since this is a new coil these need to be dug to verify what this actually means. Mostly junk but still exploring the tones.
Sometimes there was a weak high tone but no ID number.
If Pin point depth Depth was 2 to 3" and no ID number on display I figure it is deep junk.
Some tab, foil iron or bullets. Like most units junk is unavoidable in mixed tones.
Was at a camper park and beach this week end and cleaned up the coins. Most repeatable numbers were easy to predict the coin and call out the monetary value.
Also picked up a small group of kids interested in what I was up too. A lot of copper pennies but not much age on them.
One bend in a small Creek I hit a solid repeatable 88. Nice Quarter signal. Dug down 12" and hit water table and sand. after pulling out hand fulls of wet sand for ever I gave up. Tried it the next day with a larger shovel. Still no coin but i hit a hard wide bottom under the sand and water. feeling around it felt like a wide smooth surface.
Figured it was flat metal - hitting 88. That's the way it goes.
Good Luck on your hunts!