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Using the 6 and 17 inch coils :smoke:


Active member
They both are keepers in my opinion!

First off the 17 incher is an absolute monster! I didn't really know what to think of it when I first opened it up. Raymo made a post talking about how it hammers the deep coins.. He isn't blowing smoke! In a friends test garden it made a 10 inch quarter sound like it was 6 inches deep!

I am very impressed with the little 6 inch coil as well. I have spent more time using it so far.. One of my favorite places to take new equipment is an old farm house on park property. I have had made some awesome finds at this location. There are more nails than you can imagine, and the place has just been hunted to death by everyone! When I got the coils I took the 6 inch coil directly there. Hunting in combined all metal I put the little guy to work.. Right away I started pulling wheat cent after wheat cent. After working a small area for about 2 hours I ended up with a half dozen wheat pennies. That was the most coins I have ever found at this spot at one time.. Every coin i dug I had to remove nails from the hole to recover them! I went back tonight and changed up the settings a bit. I ended up pulling 2 more wheats and a silver 61 Rosy. Finding all those coins just blows me away.. Yeah they are not "amazing" finds.. But if you knew this location.. You would be pretty pumped about them as well..

This past Saturday I met up with my buddy Jim and we hit a few spots... I started of using the stock coil but then quickly switched back to the 6inch. I was able to pull few wheats and a 1874 Indian that was just barely under the surface. I have never found a coin of that age so shallow.. The next spot we hit up Jim has done a pretty good job of cleaning her out.. I figured this was a perfect opportunity to try out te big 17 inch coil. After about an hour I finally got a good coin signal with the depth meter jumping back and forth between 8, 9 and 10 inches. I opened up the hole and way down there recovered a 1897 GREEEEN Indian :thumbup:
The big coils weight isn't a problem at all, actually balanced very well.. Its also plenty sensitive to small objects.
If its in the budject I would definitely recommend both coils!

Another note... One thing that has me a little worried... I have been hunting pretty much in combined all metal since I received my CTX. I have had amazing success in my old hunting out spots with these settings.. Over the weekend I played around in a friends test garden.. He has a silver dime at 8 inches with a square nail on each side.. My combined settings performed well on every coins in his test garden except this particular one.. 50 conductive with a little discrimination hands down sounded better.. The detector picked up on the nails, gave a grunt and hardly registered on the coinm I honestly dont think I would have dug the signal my detector was giving me in combined :shocked: 50 conductive with discrimination was a little jumper. But my ears knew without a doubt something was there. I wish I would have tried combined with a small amout of disc.

I set up a little pattern in 50 conductive and hunted the farm house again tonight. Thats whatp I was using when I found the silver rosy tonight.. I did get falsing and I did dig more nails than usual.. But there was a noticeable difference between the silver dime and large pieces of iron.. When I switched back and forth between combined and 50 conductive.. The iron grunt definitely over powered the coin signal. This is something I am definitely going to be spending more time testing. Hunting in one mode and switching to the other.. Hope I havent missed too much.. Only time will tell.

Good luck hunting everyone!


New member
Aren't those coils like $400 each? I need some yellow to turn up in my scoop before I can go "BIG" or "small".
Good post, thank you! My 6" came in today, and I am also planing on the 17" because... WHY NOT!!! It would be great for covering ploughed fields. I cant wait till Saturday so I can go use the 6! Great finds, especially the greenie!


Well-known member
You mentioned using "a little discrimination" in the 50 Cond mode gave a better signal on dime with nails . Please be more specific please on your disc setting.


Active member
Yeah not a problem
The picture on the left is the discrimination pattern I used checking the targets in the test bed "dime with two nails". The pattern on the right is what I hunted with tonight.


Active member
Fast on with the little coil, Ferrous coin mode, Manual sensitivity 20 in test garden. Ran auto sensitivity while hunting


New member
Well I want to get the big coil but we will have to get together and I want to compare the stock coil to the big coil on targets.:twodetecting::thumbup:


New member
Congrats on the finds HH

:minelab: CTX 3030
:minelab: Etrac
:whites: Whites m6
Pro pointer
Ulster County NY
Youtube Channel


Staff member
Really nice digs. :thumbup:
That 97 Indian looks really nice as if I can see the diamond shapes in the headband. The 74 is a nice one to boot.
Good job on pulling all those coins from masked holes I am sure others have passed over.
Whew, and I thought the WOT I had was big. That 17 is a monster.


Constitutional Patriot
Staff member
Good stuff Derrelld. Congrats on the finds. And thanks for making the post about both accessory coils. Nice to see some arriving in the hands of those who have been waiting. HH Randy


Active member
Hey Derrlld,

It's nice to see some confirmation regarding Combine vs. 50 Conductive. I've been saying for a while now that 50 Conductive falses a lot on iron but hits targets in iron a bit better than Combine. (50 CO is my main mode). I do, however, check all signals with combine though and it almost always hits on them, maybe not as well sometimes. (If you haven't, just set up the user button shortcut for the last mode, makes checking quick). I think 50 CO is more open in a sense (less tolerance to iron), that is why it falses more but that is also why it might do better (at least in some grounds) with coins near iron. I bet that since Combine is designed (I believe) to be used in iron, Minelab must have tightened the tolerance up - clearly it responds differently than 50 CO. Sort of the same as on the E-Trac, how I preferred 50 CO over TTF for the exact same reasons. Even though I dig more nails in 50 CO on the CTX, I wouldn't say they are fooling me, they are the iffier signals for sure. It is not a problem, I could just pass them up (and often do). Trying combined with a minimal disc pattern is worthy of a test as well. I have that as my second pattern and need to test it on deeper coins as well.

I also notice on deeper coins in Combine, that it often does an almost double beep. Not really that, sort of like the beep is broken into to parts, almost chopped. In 50 CO the warble is more pronounced at depth, in a similar way as Combines "breakup". Perhaps just two sides of the same coin (great pun on this forum) :twodetecting:

I've been running a very similar minimal disc pattern (mostly just those lower right 3 boxes with a bit on the edges). Thanks for mentioning it hits a bit better than more disc - I have the higher disc patterns set up but have not tested them.

Regarding the coils, a couple of questions: 1st - I don't think the larger coil will work well in my somewhat iron mineralized ground. What is your ground like in this area?
2nd - What kind of depth are you seeing with the 6" coil? (Like both in that test garden and in the field.) The very limited numbers I've seen seem to show it is not at all deep. I'm not sure I want to spend so much money on a coil that only gets 5"- 6". If it hits the 8" mark, then that is a good coil. For comparisons sake, the F75LTD/T2 with a 5" coil will get 8" no problem.

Very nice report btw. I appreciate the time and detail. :thumbup:


Jason in TN

New member
Just got my two coils have not even had time to try them out. The question I had is has any one with extra coils got lower rods for them yet. Not sure they are available yet. Have a feeling they are going to be expensive. Would be nice to have them makes changing coils a lot quicker.



Active member
2nd - What kind of depth are you seeing with the 6" coil? (Like both in that test garden and in the field.) The very limited numbers I've seen seem to show it is not at all deep. I'm not sure I want to spend so much money on a coil that only gets 5"- 6".

I feel the same way. Will wait for Derrell's answer.......;o)


Active member
I appreciate the comments guys :thumbup:
I never have great expectations on small coils for reaching great depths, In fact I honestly dont expect them to hit 9 or 10 inch coins.. I think some people have to high of expectation and are asking a little too much out of their 5 and 6 inch coils. For me, the purpose of a small coil is all about separation and finding masked targets that other hunters have missed.. I have went through many small coils on my Explorer and E-trac in the past and had been disappointed many times. That was until I changed they way thought or hunted with them. I like to wonder when I detect. If I used the GPS feature on the CTX, my pattern would be similar to someone leaving the bar on a late night :wiggle: For me I found out that when using a small coil I like to pick a trashy area, visually mark off a spot and stay put.. Grid back and forth... Once I get bored and start to wonder off, I take the small coil off and put the stock back on. You dont cover much ground with he small coils, you will wear yourself out and get disappointed fast if you try to cover too much ground at once.

As far as depth with the CTX 06.. In the field most of my target I have found have been anywhere from 1 to 6 inches, with the majority of them at the 5 and 6 inch range.. That's NOT because I think the CTX06 wont go any deeper than 6 inches.. I just don't think I have came across targets while hunting deeper than that. I have only hunted with it on a few occasions at house sites.. haven't had the pleasure of taking it to the park and really looking for the deep stuff...

Now in the test bed.. My buddy Jim has coins planted from 6 inches all the way to a large cent at a foot. The 6 inch coil sounded loud and clear on the wheats, Indians, nickels and dimes planted at 6 inches. The dime with one nail and the dime with two nails where planted YEARS ago at 8 inches. Who know what they have done in the ground over the years. They could have risen closer to the surface.. Or settled deeper in the ground.. The CTX 06 also picked up both dimes with nails next to them, with the depth meter jumping back and forth between 7 and 8 inches. That is also when I noticed the big difference between combined all metal, and 50 CO with discrimination. Like I said above, I wouldn't have dug either of the 8 inch coins with nails next to them in combined.

Now we move to the 10 inch quarter..... And this is where It gets confusing for me..... I could ONLY GOT A TINY CHIRP on the ten inch quarter while in All Metal Combined. The quarter is out by itself with nothing around it. I got nothing while hunting in 50 CO with a disc pattern, raising and lowering the sensitivity had no affect.. The signal I got in combined was no jaw dropper. If i didn't know there was a quarter there.. I would have never dug that signal..

The large cent at 12 inches... I got nothing on either modes. LOL

Not much to say about the big coil.. It hit and gave a good target ID on everything I put it over :detecting:

I hope I answered some questions and didn't confuse too many people.. Sometime I confuse myself :)

Take care everyone!


Active member
Derrelld - Thanks for the reply. I was just hoping that 6" coil would get beyond 6". It sounds like you could get 8" in 50 CO but not in Combined. 50 CO is my standard mode as I have basically found what you have on in field targets. (50 CO sometimes hits better, especially at greater depths.)

The standard (best) small coil with detector is the 5" on the T2/F75 - it will get a clad dime at 10" in the ground. This has been verified by Tom D. as well as many others. But those detectors work into overdrive. I don't expect any other small coil to go deeper than that, hence I see it as the standard. So, if the CTX with the 6" coil can get a coin at 8" that is good.

The E-Trac with the 6X8 SEF could easily do that, I cross checked signals at 8" and it hit, but that was the limit. The CTX 06 is smaller than the 6X8 SEF, so if it can get 8" I am happy with that.

Just a note - All metal combined is not really an all metal mode. It is essentially just a search mode with no disc. The FBS machines do not have a true all metal mode, so they won't see substantial (if any) depth increases with an open screen - as it is just that, an open screen, not a true all metal mode. I don't even think pinpoint on the FBS machines is a true AM mode.

Thanks much for your reply,