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Very pleased with my g2+


Active member
I started out on an Omega 8000 and did really well with it. Found a ton of relics. I loved its simplicity and lightness and efficiency. Had a fisher f75 and briefly a t2, both of which I liked but neither of which I still have. Now I have a g2+ and like it I think best of all. It’s light, simple and efficient. Although all non- ferrous are the same high tone, the target ID is highly accurate. It’s a fast machine and the non ferrous targets pop. Yesterday, in an area with a lot of pull tabs I easily picked up on a slightly higher ID that was a nice old tombac button. Even with my other detectors- an XP Orx, and an Equinox, I think the g2+ will be a great asset that can compete with the big boys and find me great targets. I think I’ll keep it.


New member
relicmeister - I concur. The G2+ has served me well for several years now. If I had to take only one of my six detectors, it would be the G2+.

good luck hunting
G2 loves Low conductors ....Some say because of the G2+ higher frequency it’s only ok on silvers.......U Tube ( Dirtfishing) live dug many deep silver coins with Rusty bolts in the same plug with the silver coin the G2 can find deep silvers


New member
Rob in (Ca) - you're right about low conductors. First time I used my G2+ was at an old fairground site (1855-1875) which I have hunted many times over several years with other detectors. First item I found was
an 1855 California gold half dollar about six inches deep. I didn't even know what it was because it was so small. Smaller than a three-cent silver (Trime). My buddy hunting with me started yelling that I found a fractional California
gold coin. I had no idea what that was either. I plan to always have at least one G2+ detector.


Active member
Another thing I like is using pinpoint which I don’t really need to recover targets, but really helps in some colonial woods long used by hunters where there are many pull tabs and shotgun head stamps. The pin point helps because the hunter junk shows 1” to surface depth, while a button or colonial artifact will be a little more modulated snd pinpoint at a 3” or so depth.
Bottle caps which sound coin like usually give up a little grunt if you sweep from several directions.
I had but sold a sharpshooter coil because the stock one is a good all purpose coil that pinpoints well separates well and is big enough for open fields. I hate hate changing coils- except on my Orx.