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Went waltzing with the granddaughter.


Well-known member
Number 2 granddaughter spent over night with us last night. I asked her if she was interested in going out for an hour or two, she said Yes! Now she just turned 14 mind you so I figured two hours would be about it. We went to the AdLawn as maybe best bet to pop an older coin,
we get there at 7:00 as the heat starts coming down. I set up the detector and hand her a set of headphones, puzzled look……. I then inserted the Y connector and plugged both sets in. I told her she now could hear everything I hear, I get a thumbs up!!!!
We walked about doing a wandering pattern and dug a couple tabs and some foil. Told her what I thought it was before digging and wah-la, right on. I got a bright idea and handed her the Garrett and explained what it does, even let her touch the Lesche so she knew the vibration wasn’t her getting electrocuted (altho watching her reaction if I didn’t tell her could have been priceless….lol)
Finally got a decent nickel hit so I explained everything to her and showed her the control screen. Dug down about 3” and flipped the plug out then told her to find it. Puzzled look. I said remember the thingy vibrated when it gets close to something metal? Oh yeah!!!!! She puts the Garrett in and its buzzing so asks now what? So I showed her we want it to get steady and not jumpy so she moves it around and tells me “here”! So expand the plug a bit and she rechecks, nothing. Puzzled look again……. I said try the dirt I took out, and it buzzes again but this time she spots the nickel. Success!!! I show her how we clean up and make it look like we were never there!!
It ends up a bit of a boring trip but we found one more nickel and a dime and it was pushing 9:30 so we quit. She asks me why I call it going for a waltz. I said you know how when I stop you stop, when I turn 90 degrees you stay at my side, when I cut the plug with the shovel you stay with me all the way around? She nods her head. I said its kinda like dancing to a waltz, everything I do is sorta in 3/4 time (she knows enough to know what that means). She got a big smile and said “I love waltzing with my Grandpa”. About that time I got some pollen in my eyes……..🙄
She wants to learn more so it was not a loss for the night and if Jeff doesn’t quit digging up all the damn coins first I may switch partners.. 😂


Well-known member
I'm sitting inside with pollen in my eyes. Great story Ron. I call my granddaughter "favorite granddaughter" then she'll laugh and say I'm your only granddaughter. She left to begin her junior year at University of Georgia. Straight A's so far. She's beautiful inside and out. Such a delight.


Well-known member
There used to be a TV program on where Grandpa lived with his son and grandson. Grandpa would to say yes to most everything the Dad said no to. Dad asks Grandpa why when Grandpa always said No to the Dad when he was young. Grandpa said because as a father it was his duty to raise him with parameters and limitations. In the grandsons case it was his duty to say yes to those things that the grandson now demonstrated he had learned and respected.


Well-known member
Great story Ronstar. Every time you and your Grandaughter think of this Waltz it will bring a smile to your faces. Memories made and precious time spent. This reminds me of my parents favorite song when they were dating. "The Last Waltz" by Floyd Kramer. Every time I hear this tune, I get a bit of pollen in my eye too. Congrat's to both you and your Grandaughter. May the two of you have Many Waltz's in your future.