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Which larger coil do you use and why?


Well-known member
Which larger coil has been the most effective and what edge in depth has it given you, thanks.


Active member
I guess I'll give my opinion....the ultimate is a quiet running coil for me with a depth of 1 to 1-1/2 inches more and has more separation than the 11 inch pro coil ...(at least for me)
The nel tornado 12 x 13 is a whole bunch more sensitive and will hit targets loud and clear that when using the ultimate I would have passed on...(SQUEAKERS)...also the tornado is really good in trashy sites for it's size.
how much deeper is the tornado...just wow !...I don't really know.
Hope that helps.


I really don't see any advantage in using bigger coils. If you know how to set, and adjust your machine for varying conditions you will do ok. Smaller coils are a different story.


Detech 10x12. Better than the Ultimate(I also own that coil) but the 10x12 SEF is so much better in separation, than the 13"Ultimate. My 2-coil arsenal for my Etrac, besides the 11" factory, is the 10x12 SEF and the 8x6 SEF. I pulled up a Barber quarter, hunting behind the best FBS tector I've ever met, with the 8x6. It wasn't deep, it was fresh turned ground, I wasn't looking for intense depth.

Serious depth settings on the Etrac, to find the last, missed silvers here? It isn't the deeper silvers, it is the masked shallower silvers. Jm2c


Well-known member
Here’s the problem with’re really no further ahead after you read them than you were before.😆
When person says,”Use this, it’s GREAT!”....and the very next person says,”Yeah, didn’t have much luck with that coil” are essentially back at square one, and it’s 10 minutes you’ll never get back. Simply assume that all of them are GOOD and none of them are BAD, and pick one. It’s the VERY reason most coils are 11” in stock’s a happy medium between weight, separation, depth and cost.


New member
What ever coil you get i recommend a support of some sort. I joined the screwed up sholder group today from swinging the ctx with the 17 coil. I definatly get deeper with the big coil in my area. My soil is sand based. I find clad quarters at a measured 10". I have been using the detector pro sholder strap. You can get them for around $20.00.

I just got the x-12 sunray coil for the etrac couple weeks ago and like it a lot. I was seeing posts on the 13 inch ultimate coil having rot issues with the cable. Don't know if they got that fixed yet or not.

Good luck


Active member
I guess I will add another opinion to the pile. I have been using the NEL Tornado 12x13 coil for years and occasionally the NEL Storm 13x14 coil.
I run these coils without the coil cover. I used the Ultimate 13 for years also but I feel the Tornado is just a little deeper.
These coils have allowed me to revisit the same sites over the years and pull more old coins. A big benefit I noticed other than some added depth is how many deep coins on edge I get and more 'big' silver.
Also I figured the majority of detectorists who have hit these sites over the years have used a stock coil so a larger coil would be hitting the deep targets from a wider/different angle so I would expose new targets based on that aspect.
I think the Tornado is so good in Iron and separation too (to a point) because it boosts the signal of the good target and its easier to distinguish and that makes up for the size. I had one situation a couple of years ago where I worked a small area in the front of an old school
and wasn't even hearing a threshold hum most of the time and hooked into a deep worn SLQ. The guy I was with was baffled how I pulled that deep quarter from all that iron.
A very seasoned outstanding detectorist I have hunted with for years used to use the stock coil and was somewhat skeptical of bigger coils is now mirrored to my setup.

I can see other's point about staying with the stock coil or smaller coils also.
Years ago I used smaller coils and hit more fairgrounds and did fine that way.
It all comes down to what you are most comfortable using and what type of hunting you like to do. If you like a stock coil better then use it and you will probably do better with it.
Also, if you are having fun and are pain free you will find more.