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Recent content by BH505Man

  1. B

    So lemme just verify,,,,

    Actually for the money spent, the 800 is well worth the 200 dollars more because of the two gold modes plus the extra two higher single search frequencies and more adjustments available.
  2. B

    The UPS truck stopped by today,,,

    Welcome to the Equinox owners family. Once you learn how to use your Equinox you'll love it. It's my favorite detector.
  3. B

    2021 Best Finds

    WTG. You really did well last year with your Equinox 800. Sounds like you really know your detector.
  4. B

    Backlight is kaput

    My Nox has been flawless. No issues at all!
  5. B

    Hunting overgrown property

    I'd probobly wait until fall comes and the weeds die out. Dead brush is easier to cut & clear out.
  6. B

    Need some feed back please

    Likewise, T2 coils won't work with any other detectors. The T2 can only use DD coils designed specifically for the T2. However, the F75 & F70 can use both DD and concentric coils.
  7. B

    Decisions, decisions

    Don't get discouraged or intimidated by the learning curve required to get proficient using the Equinox 800. It's really simpler than what it seems. The easiest way to look at it is....there are 8 basic search programs that you can use as is or modify to your preferences. When starting out, use...
  8. B

    Walking liberty and silver dimes kind of weekend!

    Only one big problem with settings...they can be area or site specific. in other words, your settings may not work in my area or in my dirt.
  9. B

    Decisions, decisions

    Given the choice, I'd go with the Equinox 800. If I couldn't get the Nox, I'd buy a Teknetics T2SE or a Fisher F75LTD (don't care much for the ATPro. I like the 5 year warranty that First Texas products carry. The build quality is much better on the T2SE too!
  10. B

    Couple of Cool Finds

    Those are two really nice finds. WTG!!! Walt
  11. B

    Need an Equinox battery. Here how to get.

    When you receive the new battery, let me know how hard it was replacing it. Just want to know in case I have to do it myself some day. Walt
  12. B

    3300 vs legacy 3500

    It's the same detector. The Legacy 3500 is the newest name for it...but they're identical.
  13. B

    We started a Smoking and Grilling FORUM

    You left out one thing that Texans love most...Old Pickup Trucks.
  14. B

    W3hat is the pro mean?

    I was rather fond of my first Bounty Hunter (a muffler on a stick detector) the Pioneer 505. It had character... unlike the new pro seris (they all look alike) they are so generic!!!
  15. B

    T2 in all metal

    Retirement is great and I highly recomend it. Been retired since December 2015 and am loving it. Walt