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Recent content by bklein

  1. B

    Where is Old Beechnut?

    No lights anywhere. That’s a trace short. Look at a good board for comparison and see if you can repair it.
  2. B

    8 cell (12V) Alkaline pack vs the Li-ion 7.4V pack - ever use EBL AA's?

    I just had my second CTX-3030 battery pack die. The pack was dead - must have left the CTX on accidentally. It would not charge in the charger so I had to get the cells out and charge them in a dedicated cell charger - which worked. In the process of transitioning the cells from the pack I...
  3. B

    I really need an 8" coil for the CTX.

    I would like to get the chip/pcb out of a coil and make a Bigfoot for my CTX. Anyone have a candidate? Those with broken tabs should be fixed - I’m looking for one that got physically damaged and this is all it is good for. (=cheap). Imagine what this forum would be like if Minelab disabled the...
  4. B

    I'm loosing my enthusiasm for the CTX

    There is no such thing as a tune-up. Your coil could be weak or more sensitive to EMI than another - I had both my 11” and 17” coils replaced by ML after I sent them in. You need a test garden to tweak your settings for your area. Could be just no targets!
  5. B

    I'm loosing my enthusiasm for the CTX

    Get a can of de-oxit spray and spray the coil and data connector contacts both male and female. Dare to open the detector pod and control panel up and do the same for the ribbon connections with help of cotton swab. Check the internal battery for 3.0V. If all’s good there it is your setup or...
  6. B

    Back to WM08 Module from BT

    I found that the location of the wm08 was critical. I really wanted it on my back belt but it wouldn’t work there.
  7. B

    Coin Hunting Patterns and Settings

    I would like to see videos on Deep and Fast settings. At the beach I run with them enabled but don’t perceive an obvious difference if I switch them off. I set Smooth rather than Normal. This may give you the response you would like. It seems to hold the target signal as the coil sweeps over...
  8. B

    Battery problems or charger?

    I mean the board that is in the battery pack. So you have nothing discriminated in pattern 1 or 2 and it silences instead of beeps - or it just plain doesn’t sound at all? Check for nicks/cut in data cable from controller to pod where it makes sharp turns in the plastic. Does the clock keep...
  9. B

    Battery problems or charger?

    Sube, did you find a replacement power management board for the battery on Ebay? Taltexan, see my pm. I and another guy tried to repair this board but its hopeless as the chip has to be programmed with a charge profile. So we are left with good cells but bad pack.
  10. B

    Battery problems or charger?

    if you haven’t replaced the battery ever then it’s the issue. Buy new cells for it and rebuild it. Dont toss it as the circuit board is valuable if it works.... They die too.
  11. B

    Nox acting real erratic

    Try aluminum foil over the control pod just to see if it quiets up. Read another guy say it does - might indicate a bad shield connection in the housing.
  12. B

    HH Pulse wire came loose. Where does it go?

    If you by chance in Orange County, CA I could look at it for you.
  13. B

    HH Pulse wire came loose. Where does it go?

    If this yellow wire were the shield the detector would still work with it disconnected. Does it?
  14. B

    Stirring the pot.. 600 or 800..!!

    Anyone know if the internals are any different? Is the pcb the same for both?