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Recent content by bulletman

  1. B

    If you won the PowerBall,

    Definitely drive to that office. Can't trust the mail.
  2. B

    Great way to start the week.....

    You racist Pig You! Lol
  3. B

    Minneapolis Police Department message to its citizens:

    Sad! The citizens should be required to carry a weapon. Their solution: Call 911 and die.
  4. B

    WHO KNEW gun rights were

    You lose the 2nd, then you have lost everything. Hmmmm, the revolutionary war comes to mind.
  5. B

    I thought Federal Officers had the right to protect federal property. Am I missing something here?

    I wish they would use that sound generator on those wackos. Better yet, more serious devices should be used against these treasonous scumbags.
  6. B

    Congressional response to my recent email

    Just goes to show you how far we have gone down into this rabbits hole. Seems, we are a speeding train that has lost it's brakes, careening down the dangerous mountain which will lead into one hell of a train wreck! I can't imagine how much worse these times will become in the very near...
  7. B

    A Brief Democrat History.........

    And the crook Biden should be in prison, just like his buddies Hitlery, Obummer, and Obummer's lover Eric Holder!
  8. B

    California to release 18,000 criminals by the end of August to protect people from Coronavirus.

    And just think about this. California has some of the most strict gun control measures against the law abiding citizens. God forbid, some citizen uses a firearm in self defense, or to protect one's property like the couple in St. Louis.
  9. B

    Threatened By Whom??........

    Yep, been paying reparations for over 40 years. That's gonna stop as we have a plan in mind.
  10. B

    Iranian Nuclear sites. ,

    Most likely IDF special operations has spared the world from a nuclear holocaust.
  11. B

    How many of you are THIS GUY???

    How many died this past week in Chicago from gang warfare? How many died this past week from heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses? How many died from auto accidents, construction accidents, and other work related accidents? And finally, how many died this past week, needlessly from...
  12. B

    A dose of perspective about the sudden C-19 bloom, and some fun facts.

    Yep, the libs are going to run with the increased numbers of Covid all the way up to the election. Then, my prediction is that you won't hear much about it after the election.
  13. B

    Black National Anthem??.........

    exactly what my wife said. She asked how the black players would feel if the white players took a knee?😠
  14. B

    A Prediction...........

    We can only hope and pray that he will win in a landslide. What has a lot of us concerned, is the mail in votes. Too much opportunity for stuffing the ballot box.
  15. B

    A plea to all of you Never Trumpers and democrats... Here's something you guys should all consider...

    On Fox, my main reporter is Tucker Carlson. He has got to be one of the most hated individuals by the libtard socialists. He is not afraid to call out the bull$hit, and makes a lot of sense out of this mess that commie jerks are putting forth. I also read from Drudge, to gain knowledge what...