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Recent content by bulletman

  1. B

    Black National Anthem??.........

    exactly what my wife said. She asked how the black players would feel if the white players took a knee?😠
  2. B

    A Prediction...........

    We can only hope and pray that he will win in a landslide. What has a lot of us concerned, is the mail in votes. Too much opportunity for stuffing the ballot box.
  3. B

    A plea to all of you Never Trumpers and democrats... Here's something you guys should all consider...

    On Fox, my main reporter is Tucker Carlson. He has got to be one of the most hated individuals by the libtard socialists. He is not afraid to call out the bull$hit, and makes a lot of sense out of this mess that commie jerks are putting forth. I also read from Drudge, to gain knowledge what...
  4. B

    A plea to all of you Never Trumpers and democrats... Here's something you guys should all consider...

    About the only news sources I listen to is FOX, and the conservatives on talk radio, Mark Levin, Andrew Wilkow, and Breitbart news. All the other big news networks are owned by the commies who would love to see our American heritage destroyed. If Biden wins - Game Over.
  5. B

    Black National Anthem??.........

    It shows where the true dividers are. So much disrespect for our nations flag and anthem and the sacrifices that were laid down upon the Altar of Freedom. I keep watching and listening to these idiots corrupt ideologies, and a little flicker of a flame of hatred is growing within me for these...
  6. B

    Robin Williams' Tribute to Old Glory

    Beautiful. Sure miss Robin Williams.
  7. B

    Education Fail........

    Yes Sir. Would hate to be a young parent these days. Gives credence to home schooling.
  8. B

    Happy 4th of July!!!

    God bless America! The land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave.
  9. B

    How Is Mistake??...........

    Mark Levin would refer to him as a "drone". He goes along as the wind blows with the libturd party. So many incompetent ignorant drones out there who will vote for the communist, socialist agenda. Disregarding our freedoms and destroying what is sacred with this country. Unfortunately...
  10. B

    Antifa goon charged federally for attack on Andrew Jackson statue.

    They will probably receive nothing more than probation. Members of ANTIFA and BLM do not work. Why work, when you are working for them?
  11. B

    The Nanny State........

    Some of the libertarian viewpoints with marijuana I can disagree with. For medical purposes, I can understand, but the recreational use of this drug can be a gateway drug to more potent illegal drugs that can cause a lot of harm. We can debate alcohol til the cows come home as well. Just as...
  12. B

    News outlet glorifying UK virus rate stabling while USA are still increasing ......

    The libs will use and distort the data to damage our President. And, there's much more corruption to come as we get closer to November.
  13. B

    If you travel, be on your guard this Fourth of July.

    If these little a-holes were required to work for their welfare checks, then they wouldn't have time for their antics. Saw on Tucker Carlson 2 nights ago, the St. Louis couple who defended their home against a mob. There was also an older lady confronted by a libturd who was threatening her...
  14. B

    Democratic Leadership responsible for majority of Covid-19 deaths

    Yep. Glad we don't live in New York, St. Louis, L.A., Denver, Baltimore, and the other RAT infested cities run amock by the democrats. Seattle and Minneapolis resemble some post apocalyptic movies that we've seen. The U.S. Is closer to becoming a third world turd pile than I can recall. All...
  15. B

    Biden looked like horse’s arse today with his staged press conference.

    God, you are a sorry SOB, just like your candidate.