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Recent content by dfmike

  1. dfmike

    The NOX 600 has got my head reeling

    I meshed with it the moment I started using it. I was picking up old coins in a place where I could no longer find anything with any other machine I was using. It seems too good to be true but that's exactly what happened. What I find amazing is how much technology Minelab crammed into such a...
  2. dfmike

    The NOX 600 has got my head reeling

    I will have to clean them up a little more. Old pennies in this area have this black crust on them that cannot wash out with water and a toothbrush. I can barely see the date on either of them but need to clean under it. The mint mark is underneath the date on wheaties right ? The knives work...
  3. dfmike

    The 600 does it again!

    Can the Equinox easily pick out silver dimes from oxidized copper pennies without fail ? No detector I have used so far can do it and my 600 isn't different from the experience I've gained from it so far. It's possible that the quarters have been picked up for the most part but if you keep...
  4. dfmike

    The 600 does it again!

    Great finds. It's always exciting to find coins dating back to the 1800's.
  5. dfmike

    Finds from Digstock 21

    Awesome finds.
  6. dfmike

    The NOX 600 has got my head reeling

    Seriously. I don't know when the lucky streak is going to come to an end but this is ridiculous. Back in the heaviest of trash this past weekend and the Equinox does it again with unexpected finds and a boatload of coins. This machines loves trash. The more the better. It seems to pull out the...
  7. dfmike

    How i hunt with a 6 inch coil

    Great tips for those who hunt in dense ferrous and non ferrous debris. Thanks !
  8. dfmike

    Dazzled by the Equinox once more

    I'm using the default which is 2 I believe. I haven't changed it. Of all the settings, Iron Bias is the only one I don't fully understand despite reading the manual twice. A few nails dug out of this junk pile is really not a problem.
  9. dfmike

    Dazzled by the Equinox once more

    What surprised me was the depth I could get with that small coil. In areas with more open space, I could use the stock coil but the woods are so dense here, it's really the only sane option. I enjoy how light this combination is. Perfectly balanced.
  10. dfmike

    Dazzled by the Equinox once more

    Multi all the time. I'm not sure but I think that's where its unmasking capabilities come from. I can understand that in certain situations single freq might be useful.
  11. dfmike

    Dazzled by the Equinox once more

    I must admit I wasn't sure I would like using another Minelab partly because the X-Terra I once had only brought me frustration and I sold it with great relief. Although the tones sound somewhat similar, the machine is so much faster in its recovery. I think of it as a small but very high...
  12. dfmike

    Dazzled by the Equinox once more

    Second time out with this machine. I had a few hours after work to get back in the woods and see if this detector could work its magic again. I got my answer rather quickly. Keep in mind that this place is littered with rusty bottle caps and nails. In other words, not what I would call detector...
  13. dfmike

    multi frequency

  14. dfmike

    Equinox 800 test results

    I would have also thought that Park 1 would give better results than Park 2 on silver. Still, a difference of 2 cm is not that great. There is no mention of ID stability. Perhaps Park 1 would lock on silver better than 2. I'll have to test Park 2 at one point myself.
  15. dfmike

    First day out with the 600

    Thanks guys. I'm anxious to get back to that area as soon as I can. I want to see what simultaneous multi frequency can do for me.