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Recent content by filternozzle

  1. F

    Coiltek 22" DD Goldstalker

    As you would expect it goes down deep but without discrimination.
  2. F

    best coil for the GPX 4500

    Are you looking for depth? If so the larger the coil the better. Mono coils will punch deeper than DD, but there is no discrimination with them. Nexus have brought out a concentric 21" coil for the GPX, its like two coils in one. The outer coil ring acts like a mono when switched to deep...
  3. F

    high gain and normal or low gain and sharp? which go deeper?

    Why don't you try the different settings in the field on real targets. Your question will be answered.
  4. F

    New 30" Concentric coil coming out from Nexus for GPX

    I have heard Nexus is bringing out a 30" concentric coil for use with the GPX and TDI. Made with a carbon fibre casing it will weigh around 700g which is super light for such a large coil The design will be the same as their existing 41" coil for the Nexus MP, picture shown below with a 13"DD.
  5. F

    Ground Noise or EMI?

    Where I detect in the UK I very seldom if ever suffer ground noise/interference. My problem with the threshold being unstable is linked to EMI. I just wondered how it is for others who are detecting for coins and artefacts? How do you 'Tune' - Auto or Manual? For me, I Auto Tune and...
  6. F

    Minelab Pro Swing 45 Harness

    I wrote sometime ago that this wasn't for me.. I take that back and tell you I have been using this harness for a little while now and have to say it is pretty good. Transfers the weight to the hips and all that is needed is a finger and thumb to guide the coil. The secret to optimum...
  7. F

    Do you have trouble with EMI?

    If you are troubled with EMI I can thoroughly recommend the use of Coiltek Anti Interference coils. They enable detecting under power-lines and up to a metre or so from an electric fence. Its the difference of being able to use the GPX or not on 'There is a slight loss of depth as a trade...
  8. F

    Lets get this forum going again!

    There must be a lot of GPX owners out there. So why don't we all start contributing to this forum and get some life back into it. If there is something you want to know and cant see an answer on any of the previous posts, ask! There is bound to be a user who can give an answer.
  9. F

    GPX5000 Instruction Manual

    Is there any way of contacting the individual/s who wrote the manual for the GPX5000? I am interested to know what their definition of small and large targets are in reality. In different parts of the manual they refer to small and large, for example when talking about soil timings and again...
  10. F

    Minelab definition of small and large nugget?

    Minelab in their literature, when talking about coil sizes, use the expression 'small nuggets' & 'large nuggets'. I am interested to know what is the largest small nugget? and Smallest large nugget. Being in the UK I am not detecting for gold nuggets and it would be helpful if I knew what...
  11. F

    Anyone using or used a modified GPX?

    Is anyone using or used a modified GPX? I am interested to know their thoughts on overall performance.
  12. F

    Nautilus DMC-IIB

    I live in the UK and for years used the Nautilus DMC-IIB and thought it was the best deep seeking discriminating detector I had ever used. Built in the USA by Tyndall Electronics, Coats. How many of you remember how good this detector was/is?
  13. F

    Re: Nexus Detectors

    I am looking to make contact with fellow Nexus users. My everyday Induction Balance VLF detector is the updated Nexus MP. Nexus is a small family run company in the same mould as the Nautilus. Like the Nautilus, Nexus have produced a super deep seeking detector with good discrimination at...
  14. F

    Comparison of depth and discrimination

    I am interested to know how the 1270 compares with the F75 with regard to depth and discrimination, can anyone help?
  15. F

    Nexus Detectors

    Any users of the new range of Nexus detectors care to give their user experience in particular with the Nexus Standard Mk II and Nexus Credo DDM?