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Recent content by GeorgeinSC

  1. GeorgeinSC

    Anyone else practice archery?

    I miss bow hunting. But age caught up with me. My shoulders will no longer tolerate pulling a bow. I hunted with a compound but shot a custom made recurve just for fun. Even after flinging tens of thousands of arrows at a target with that recurve i never felt competent to deer hunt with it...
  2. GeorgeinSC

    Hey guys, you know what I just realized?

    My first machine was the sovereign Gt. Of course six months after i bought it minelab decided to quit making it. It still works. Does what i need it to do. Yes i look at the newer models and then we go do some dirt fishing and i come home happy. I use the excal at the beach. When i first...
  3. GeorgeinSC

    planning a trip to Tybee Island, Savannah, GA

    Hot sand will blister your dogs feet if you are out there during the heat of the day. Beaches in my area do not allow dogs on the beach when it is that hot and dogs must be on a leash..
  4. GeorgeinSC


    I just had a thing ask me if i wanted to f. tegar47 was the one who wanted to talk.
  5. GeorgeinSC

    Speechless and Humbled

    Read the post and the more i read the higher the reading on my BS meter went. Before i got all the way thru the meter was pegged out.
  6. GeorgeinSC

    Well decided to send in Excalibur old blue

    I have what the seller called a balanced straight shaft. He and i talked about my height and what would length upper shaft would work best for me. The shaft puts the pods under my elbow and i find that to be ideal for me.
  7. GeorgeinSC


    Was working a tot lot in Nc and found a bunch of 9mm rounds just laying on the sand. Frequently find 50 cal ap rounds at the beach. They were pumped onto the beach when they were nourishing the beach with new sand.
  8. GeorgeinSC

    Are videos banned ??

    Videos that contain advertisements are banned but others should be okay.
  9. GeorgeinSC

    Turning in coins, Round 2

    I take my cleaned coins to my credit union and run them thru the coin counter. It will reject the worst ones and i feed them back thru. I do clean them as best as possible and rarely have any that will not get counted.
  10. GeorgeinSC

    counted my clad today...

    I recently did my clad laundry. Had a lot of zinc pennies and tumbled them for hours. Tossed a few of the zincs that were obviously toast. Credit union coin counter said i cashed in just over 173 dollars. The vast majority of the damaged zincs got counted. over 1100 of them. I dig a lot...
  11. GeorgeinSC

    Rice and waterlogged detector??

    a few years back i accidentally dipped my sovereign gt in the surf. Did all i could to clean it with electronics cleaner and used rice also. After a period of time the corrosion ruined the mother board. Might have gotten rid of the moisture but the salt remained.
  12. GeorgeinSC


    I thought that maybe the lord would take into account all the time we spent protecting this country. 20 years and spent a lot of that time out there in some ocean or sea just punching holes. Of course the holes collapsed behind us and we had to do it over and over. My avatar says "Qualified...
  13. GeorgeinSC

    cross this one off my list...

    I was detecting along the fence of a soccer field that i had been told i could detect around and then told i could not. Hit a target and it was obviously big. I used a probe and could feel it about an inch down. I almost left it because of the size thinking it was the bottom of an aluminum...
  14. GeorgeinSC

    Newbie wanting to learn

    Max i have had two people tell me that it was okay to detect their property/ Both of them said they got to keep anything i found. I have never found the time to go detect their property. I have never worked for free and will never.
  15. GeorgeinSC

    Great Service

    I spent 14 years in retail and if you can name a product that we sold i can tell you that it did not matter the product there would some that got to the customer with problems. IT happens with any product made. Products that were tested can still have a problem.