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Recent content by Grumpie

  1. Grumpie

    Is anyone still using a makro goldracer?

    I would say go for it definitely, check out the kruzer. I've had the gr for 3yrs now and if I was to upgrade it would be to a kruzer but i haven't felt the need just yet. I really enjoy how simple it is to tailor the settings on the gr for just about any ground conditions except wet sandy ocean...
  2. Grumpie

    Hunting Partner Near Forney, Texas

    I live in Cedar park but been hunting in W.Tx lately for meteorites. Haven't been to lucky but getting real close. Need something light bc you do alot of swinging. I bought an Anfibio its ti heavy so I've been using my GR which is light as a feather and high frequency.
  3. Grumpie

    Space rock hunting!!

    Who hunts for space rocks? I've been on the prowl in W.Texas but no luck as of yet. I know they have to be out here. I've watched them fall from the sky at night very close to me but no luck as of yet.
  4. Grumpie

    Is anyone still using a makro goldracer?

    I still have mine and it's my only vlf nugget hunter and wouldn't trade it for any other vlf dedicated nugget hunting machine except maybe the gold kruzer. Its here to stay
  5. Grumpie

    Gold prospecting with multi infibo

    Hey Jerry, I actually bought one for that purpose along with the smallest coil made for it. I've tested it on .5 gram nuggets and #8 bird shot and was surprised by how sensitive it was. With it's "all metal mode" and isat settings it should do very well in the fields. I compared it to my GR...
  6. Grumpie

    What is a 1yr old lightly used anfibio multi going for?

    I wish I had more time to treasure hunt bc the anfibio multi is one hell of a detector. I'm not really sure what its worth being a year old and used once then back in the box. But if someone could give me an idea I'll probably put it up for sale in the classifieds here.
  7. Grumpie

    5 geologic signs to look for when out prospecting for gold?

    When looking for a new location to prospect what are 5 of the most important geologic signs you look for in a new location? I'm sure 5 different geologist would all have the same ideas but how about the everyday recreational prosecutor? Do you all just stay in areas you know that produce gold...
  8. Grumpie

    nox 800 dedicated gold nugget search coil

    When will we see a nugget hunting coil for the nox800?? It has a gold mode but no dedicated coil. Anything coming in the future?
  9. Grumpie

    How sensitive is your multi kruzer on low conductive targets?

    I would assume a smaller coil like the 4 x 7.5 would be optimum for this but has anyone done any testing on very low conductive targets? How about birdshot or a gold clasp for diamond studded earrings? The factory equipped coil probably would fall short for this test.
  10. Grumpie

    Can anyone comment on the 7.5x4?

    I'm guessing cherry picking with this little sniper coil is loads of fun. Can anyone comment on its use with the multi kruzer?
  11. Grumpie

    Does the multi kruzer have...

    ISAT? Or is it specific to the GK only? I'll order one today if it does.
  12. Grumpie

    Multi kruzer vs EQX800

    I'm interested in these two bc they are multi frequency and have all metal mode. I know they both can detect small gold too. I have a GR and love it but want a lower multi frequency detector that will go a bit deeper. I'm more interested in performance of the two I know build quality is there...
  13. Grumpie


    I've been wanting a new multi frequency vlf detector with all metal mode and was hoping someone here has had a chance to try out these two. I have a GR and love it, and would like to compliment it with a lower multi frequency detector. I'm not big on brand names just features, performance...
  14. Grumpie

    Is it the coil making the difference with false signaling in the kruzer?

    I have the gold racer and was wondering if it's the new coil design made for the kruzer making the difference when the coil bumps a rock and sends the detector bonkers? The coil on the GR seems hollow vs the kruzer which feels solid. Can we expect a coil upgrade on the racers to address the...