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Recent content by gunwolf

  1. gunwolf

    gonna step away for a bit...

    as as happened a few times in my life I am going to step away from the communication end of technology for a bit. as many know i still use a old flip phone and I am NOT connected at the hip like most... when I catch myself having to post every find.. it makes me think abit and take a step...
  2. gunwolf

    Angles again……

    I really wish I had the knowledge to film... I still use a flip phone because i cannot operate a smart phone. I wish people could see and hear what I do on a live hunt... alot of my recoveries were made on half ass decisions of what my detector was telling me.... yes I would like solid answers...
  3. gunwolf

    Angles again……

    My E-trac does this... I will be over a target trying to "hover in" and the signal will disappear???? very strange right? I am walking and get a high tone... I stop and go back over the spot... yes a tweak one way and maybe a broken tone the other but still a high tone. the more i swing over...
  4. gunwolf

    Truthfully, the difference in most detectors

    this kind of explains it....I'll take it a step further... it doesn't matter if it's shooting, riding a motor cycle, driving a car or using a metal detector. once you learn how to use something, you should be able to switch models and with a slight learning curve be able to apply YOUR SKILLS...
  5. gunwolf

    Minelab ETRAC

    short answer... yes.
  6. gunwolf

    The new Sharp Shooter……

    I'm dancing while singing... That's the way we do it... congrats on the 10K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. gunwolf

    followed an idiot...

    went to a park this morning I have been to before, I started grid searching a small grass area near the parking lot. a few steps in and got a 12-42 at 4"... as I bent down I noticed a small 4" wide plug had already been was only 2" deep... well another 2" and I had my first wheaty of...
  8. gunwolf

    Old logging camp shows its trade!

    the pocket watch find is sort of like a coin have to keep going in for more:) the old finds, great hunt!
  9. gunwolf

    How Deep Do We Have To Really Go

    yes...coin masking is a big deal... they say only 20% of coins are recovered due to this... patience, smaller coils, slower wing speed, and different directions all play a part in recovery.
  10. gunwolf

    How Deep Do We Have To Really Go

    It depends where you live and your soil... up in WNY (Niagara county) on the shores of lake Ontario the soil was a sandy loom, I hit several parks and houses where the coins were as deep as 12-14".... 6 years ago I moved to upstate SC and the soil is mostly red clay... I pull most silvers and...
  11. gunwolf

    Token brought me "good luck" and BIG silver!

    that's my "bro sack":cool: I'm a minimalist when detecting so no big hip bags or vests... I have been using this one for 12 years now... outside pouch is for keepers, middle big pouch for trash (I empty as it gets full) and the inside pouch holds my spare 9Vfor the PP and also doubles as a hide...
  12. gunwolf

    Token brought me "good luck" and BIG silver!

    while waiting for my buddy Matt to recover from Covid I have been hitting spots I have been to many times before... today I went to a spot that an old school once stood... it's where i found that melted half dollar a while back... with the 13" ultimate and sensitivity on 30...I did my low and...
  13. gunwolf

    I found a very productive spot in a park today!!

    yes great hunt! the detail on that barber aside from the dark tinge is amazing! congrats on a great outing!
  14. gunwolf

    very tiny silver ring..and my weeks worth of trash!

    I won't dig alot of trash when on a quick permission or new to me ground, I can usually tell a coin from a bottle cap, and a rusty nail one way signal but have been fooled many times... so when bored I just dig anything I think just may be a coin... I have pulled coins in a plug next to rusty...
  15. gunwolf

    very tiny silver ring..and my weeks worth of trash!

    got out again this morning for about 2hours... I'm still in low and slow dig everything mode... even iffy deep signals. I had a super high tone 12-38 bouncing to 12-43 solid tone both ways but.... right next to a fire ant mound:rolleyes: well curiosity got the better of me and I went in as fast...