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Recent content by gunwolf

  1. gunwolf

    slow that swing speed...

    been using the stock 11" coil and the ultimate 13" coil for the past couple months... no matter what program I'm in I know my swing speed is somewhat fast... it's just my style... so recently i once again added the 6x8 SEF coil to my collection... let me tell you... it makes you swing slower...
  2. gunwolf

    What are the chances?

    I'm pretty sure I didn't find them in order or I would be playing the lotto!:LOL:.... funny in the field I cannot see squat... when I get home I wash them then put on my glasses and grab the lupe! I can't tell the difference between a memorial or a wheat till I'm home... someday i'll buy a pair...
  3. gunwolf

    What are the chances?

    congrats on not only the 3 silver day but the IH and wheats as well!!!! dates are funny... I always check my clad dimes cause one time I had two black rosies I almost threw in with my clad... today's hunt had dimes dated consecutively. 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, and 3 1970's... and two 1965...
  4. gunwolf

    lost my treasure yesterday

    sorry for your loss...
  5. gunwolf

    #1 Bucket Lister Scratched Off

    On my bucket list as well... great job! research is half the fun of this hobby... the title of my memoirs will be "walking over history...what lies beneath our feet" just kidding... my grammer is just about as bad as my eyes looking to date a coin in the field!:LOL:
  6. gunwolf

    Nickel Notch -Want to find Buffalo Nickels

    don't mean to answer for Elmy, Yes I'm sure they will... I have the 110 program loaded and have not found any nickels so far this year other than standard jefferson... but around here they come in anywhere between 10-12 and 09-11... alot of them were 11-11 I have dug a ton of foil and pull tabs...
  7. gunwolf

    Programing the eTrac to find one specific item

    Elmy will probably be able to answer better than me... the only problem I see is if you open up just certain things like silver dollars, or other silver coins... how much do you open? we all know a silver quarter hits at 12-46/47, but ground conditions, and depth change those VDI numbers ...I...
  8. gunwolf

    Merc, Silver pendant, Watch and more

    all exciting finds! congrats! love the pendant and buttons... and i'm mainly a coinshooter... I'd take them anyday!
  9. gunwolf

    "Ringing" in the first of May

    outstanding hunt!... my bucket list has a CC mint mark...I couldn't grasp the Nox 800... I know it's a great machine, but it just wasn't for me.
  10. gunwolf

    MDing videos...

    most are boring, some are staged... I was thinking about making at least one. I would try to make it as real and as informative as possible. a bit on the entertainment side... I am a song writer and have and idea for a great intro song... 80's style heavy of course. my problem is I am...
  11. gunwolf

    Problem saving 'my modes.'

    I use Mode 1 as my conductive multi tone coin settings, Mode 2 as my mostly open screen TTF (two tone ferrous) settings..... I can grab either of these in modes, and then switch over to discrimination select and select any of my hunting discrimination patterns. the E-trac will remember the...
  12. gunwolf

    Problem saving 'my modes.'

    when you scroll down to save in "modes" once in mode 1 you have to hit the left or right button to enter it.. the discrimination screen your using at that time should appear in the box to the left of the mode 1...once that happens it is saved and you can hit the search button and use the program...
  13. gunwolf

    Barber in the hole!

    that was a save if ever there was one! no such thing as luck, your inner voice told you there had to be something there! congrats on the Barber! I have only found one silver quarter so far..
  14. gunwolf

    new permission.. 4 silver day!

    a vacant lot next to where I have been hunting lately became available to me, so today I got out for a few hours and grid searched just a small area that used to be the back yards of the two houses that once stood there. 3 mercs 1 rosie and 6 wheats make for a good morning hunt. the 45 merc was...
  15. gunwolf

    Adjusting the sensitivity on ground balancing type machine??

    I can only speak of the E-trac... I have recently discovered that I will mask targets if my discrimination is too high, yes the soil is highly mineralized and I believe the E-trac in auto senses the mineralization and compensates up or down. I use strictly manual but listen to my threshold when...