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Recent content by gunwolf

  1. gunwolf

    all alone I rode this morning - slipping through enemy territory in search of the Lord Of The Rings

    great story and love the pics....I look homeless so those folks don't bother me...:cool: my hunting area is almost like you described...:LOL: I hunt in "da hood" because that is where all the early 1900's stuff is. early in da morning, or when it's 100 degrees outside... for some reason the...
  2. gunwolf

    I enjoy shooting when I can go

    you can give me a 1000 yard rifle... I'm still only good to 100 yards, I'm the guy they invented the 30 round magazine for;)
  3. gunwolf

    "another Maytag aluminum washer".... and silver #60 FTY!!!

    sun shining this morning and went right back to the spot I left off at yesterday due to the rain... a Maytag "washer", 3 more wheats which puts me 25 away from 200 FTY and a 48 Rosie is my #60 silver coin FTY! most were hard fought in hunted out parks and a few empty lots. I dug ALOT of trash to...
  4. gunwolf

    all alone I walked this morning...

    thankyou... My buddy Matt (Tennessee Adventures) is full on right now his family also... his baby girl has a fever and just tested positive... my thoughts are with him for sure! thanks for everything. oh and my mother is doing well also... thanks
  5. gunwolf

    all alone I walked this morning...

    couldn't see the numbers so it was super old school...all by tone only! brought me back to my first detector... ;)
  6. gunwolf

    all alone I walked this morning...

    a light mist in the air......... my hunting partner is down and out with the Covid, wishing him a speedy recovery. it has been very wet here lately, I snuck out this morning with a homemade rain guard for the E-trac and spent a few hours doing the low and slow. 4 wheaties and a 1941 and 1951...
  7. gunwolf

    We have a new volcano

    I've been watching this over the past week... the earthquake swarms were intense. an island split and slide would be worst case scenerio...
  8. gunwolf

    Numbers affected by wood?

    interesting.. I have never run into wood planks while hunting, but I do know for a fact that tree roots can change the numbers. a silver quarter down about 6" under a 2" root and the tone was one way and the numbers on the E-trac were in the deep IH range 09-23/24 and yes I hope it is a metal...
  9. gunwolf

    my mothers battle...

  10. gunwolf

    my mothers battle...

    thankyou... I understand... I am there also...
  11. gunwolf

    my mothers battle...

    I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way and most will understand... my 79 yr old mother has breast cancer, they operated today at Roswell park in Buffalo NY... although I am a non practicing Christian raised boy, would it be too much to ask all of you to say a prayer for my mother who is a...
  12. gunwolf

    why no Gold with my detector?

    ALL great advice... that is why I made the post. I have just started digging the good one way signals again ( I used to all the time) most don't pinpoint so I have to use the wiggle out method. Yesterday while out with Matt we decided to hit a area used for small concert gatherings and look...
  13. gunwolf

    why no Gold with my detector?

    BECAUSE I AM LAZY! I have yet to find any gold with the minelab E-trac which I have owned since 2010... before that it was a ACE250 and before that some old whites machine I bought at a garage sale for $50... I found Gold with both the Whites and the Ace250... how come no Gold with the E-trac...
  14. gunwolf

    Got out from 5-7pm tonight. Got one good coin.

    over the past 25 years only one of my SLQ's ever had a date.. that is a nice find and save for sure!
  15. gunwolf

    I hate button batteries…..

    I hear ya on that....I currently just glance and throw in the pouch with my eyes... I check all Roosevelt dime's ...I have found dark silver ones... but in the field I just give it a quick look and squint and throw it in the pouch.