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Recent content by Guvner

  1. Guvner

    First day out with the Legend..

    Pinpointing was sharp...
  2. Guvner

    First day out with the Legend..

    Been using Minelabs, XP Deus machines forever. This one scared me since it's so affordable. Wasn't disappointed at all. Used a factory field program and got 3 IH pennies, a 1890 Seated dime and 2 Shield nickels out of an old field I've been hunting forever. Neat machine. Actually turned on...
  3. Guvner

    Some silver and gold that's very old!

    Nice finds from the wife there... I guess you check your ego in at the door at your house... Congratulations for sure... G...
  4. Guvner

    There is a Dedicated Forum for the "Legend".

    It's up now! Thanks... Guvner..
  5. Guvner

    Anyone email Dilek lately. Mine came back as not found. Their server might be down but figured I'd ask...

    Directly. Not using the email you have listed above. Send me a message if you know the proper one. Thanks... Guvner..
  6. Guvner

    Who is this K9WG guy and why is he here?

    Welcome to Find's Treasure Forums Rich... We might have to be asking you questions soon around here... G..
  7. Guvner

    Sad Christmas

    Sorry to hear about your pup... And the rest of you too. I got a pair of litter mate black lab boys and have been warned about how bad the end will hurt. I get it. The pet cemetery thing must really hurt too. All the best... Guvner..
  8. Guvner

    Desmond Dunne has passed away I've just learned. Great guy and always fun to converse with...

    I do think it will all help as didn't we get Tang out of the space program... lol... Just funnin' with you but my belief is that they never took on trying to cure a virus before and there will be repercussions throughout the medical field as they share what they learned. My belief is for...
  9. Guvner

    We started a Smoking and Grilling FORUM

    I know smoking is the big thing I got out of this pandemic. Gatekeeper was already an expert and within a few days my wife preferred my baby back ribs to Texas Road House’s and just that saves me a trip a week there. I added the grill since I like steak, just barely done and just enjoy trying...
  10. Guvner

    Desmond Dunne has passed away I've just learned. Great guy and always fun to converse with...

    Here's the announcement: Rest in Peace Des... Guvner..
  11. Guvner

    Found My First Gold Coin!!

    Hearing from you and your gorgeous find was quite the experience. I can't believe you had to call personally and rub it in... lol Congrats again.... Guvner..
  12. Guvner

    Coronavirus Symptoms FYI I guess we have all seen versions of this of late but pretty simple description just in case. This seemed very helpful.

    I'm now hearing that some people just develop the runs, or belly ache and or nausea but never develop the respiration problems never knowing they got it...
  13. Guvner

    There is a New Simplex Forum at Find's...

    It's just below the link to this forum. Please help us populate it with finds and comments... All the best, Guvner..