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Recent content by ironman200081

  1. ironman200081

    17" coil....yea or nay?

    For sure. Mainly for coverage, the gain in death is not noticeable. I would say where you dig out in the middle of nowhere, you will benefit from The increased coverage. Be sure to wear your harness. I tore my elbow up not wearing a harness soon enough.
  2. ironman200081

    Went relic hunting today

    Any day out digging beats any day at work. You'll hit it next time.
  3. ironman200081

    Minelab Equinox 800 and XP Deus Tag team Hunt Yields Civil War Relics !

    I like the bear head button. Is that pre-war?
  4. ironman200081

    Bullet ID?

    I'd say that's a good assumption. It has the look of a Colt pistol bullet.
  5. ironman200081

    The French Connection

    Thanks. I hear they find them out east. we find the high bass variety here in the Trans-Mississippi, and sporadically at that.
  6. ironman200081

    The French Connection

    This hunt was a while back, but I never got around to posting pictures. My partner and I were researching possible locations for a Fremont-era early war Yankee camp in the area and we had a pretty decent location pegged. We got boots on the ground and started sweeping the best looking terrain of...
  7. ironman200081

    Back to the Hot Spot Yankee Camp

    It's best to hit the ground when I take my mid-hunt nap and jerky feast break. That knocks me out of action for a solid 30 minutes. Or when I am elbows-deep in a hole digging up a beer can for several minutes!!
  8. ironman200081

    The good bad and the ugly

    Nice haul. How odd about the buttons. Maybe the more corroded one had some flaking gilt when it was lost?
  9. ironman200081

    Super modified CTX?

    That's what I thought about the shot, but my doctor said the steroids remove the inflammation and repair the damage. We'll see. Try using the left a little at first. It will feel really awkward. Think of it like tire rotation. You get more swings out of both of your elbows instead of wearing...
  10. ironman200081

    Super modified CTX?

    I hear ya. I use the harness too. I had tennis elbow real bad this fall directly related to swinging the CTX with the 17" coil. I got a steroid shot a month ago and feel brand new. However, I now alternate my arms and use the left as much as I do the right. Also, what the other members have said...
  11. ironman200081

    Back to the Hot Spot Yankee Camp

    Last weekend, I returned with my digging partner to the early war Yankee camp where I had found the early militia belt plate a few weeks prior. There was a good 2-3 inches of snow on the ground, but we figured the soil would not be frozen in the woods. Luckily, we were right. Despite the slushy...
  12. ironman200081

    Early Militia Belt Plate and Other Goodies

    I had gone a month without detecting due mostly to the weather here in Mid-MO. The urge to dig was relentless, so I called up my friend for a fix. We met up last Saturday, before our big snow, without any real plans. The fields were too wet, so we figured woods would be the way to go. He had...
  13. ironman200081

    Found my first Confederate button today!

    Congrats! How did you clean it? It looks great.
  14. ironman200081

    Silver dollar spill

    Thanks fellas! It does make me wonder how they got there. Was it a hunter? Hiker? Or maybe a gentleman taking his lady into the woods for a little alone time? I just hope he wasn't counting on those Morgans to buy her dinner that night!
  15. ironman200081

    Any ideas on these items?

    Awesome! I bet they all came from the same musket. I'd hit that spot slow and methodically, and dig all the iron. You may have a musket by the time you're finished.