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Recent content by JCR TX

  1. J

    Tone Break adjustments

    I had in mind the nails common on my typical relic/old home site permissions. These consist mainly of late 19th-early 20th century wire nails & somewhat older cut nails. Almost always well rusted. The only true hand forged Square nails I have dug are larger spikes. The forged iron reacts...
  2. J

    Tone Break adjustments

    The adjustment of the first tone break has a significant impact on the separation/unmasking of Non Ferrous targets co located in nails/small iron. The Factory default of 10-11 only gives fair performance. Dropping the first TB back to 6,7 or 8 greatly improves this performance. Most common nails...
  3. J

    Morgan Silver Dollar + Barber Quarter Pocket Spill!!

    Excellent. Do I see a Liberty Head/V Nickle also?
  4. J

    Large Cents at 1800's Potter Shop

    Those are great finds from a great location.
  5. J

    New Legend handbook

    I have Clive's book on the Anfibio Multi and it is good. I gained a better overall understanding of how high gain detectors behave. I haven't ordered his new one on the Legend but may. I do not have any of Andy's books but do know they are highly regarded. I have always wanted to learn all I...
  6. J

    New Legend handbook

    Andy Sabisch has a new book out on the Legend. @historyrevisited mentioned it in his latest You Tube video.
  7. J

    A couple observations….

    @Ronstar did you check the "empty" hole? Maybe some Iron in there too?
  8. J

    1919 s wheatie

    My oldest daughter(38), dug a 1919 Wheat yesterday also. We were hunting an old housesite together.
  9. J

    Flushing coins out of the ground cover and what a surprise I received! My "time machine" brought me back 220 years 😮

    That is a very nice surprise. With that kind of date there very well be more old, old there.
  10. J

    Got the "I"

    Very nice, Sir.
  11. J

    In The Old Bricks

    Very nice. I'm still looking for one.
  12. J

    1st Real Hunt with the Vista X 8" Concentric

    I normally run the Alt/second Disc to flip flop on a Nickle for relic sites. On a modern Al trash site to flip flop on a Zinc cent.
  13. J

    Old park pops out a keeper!

    @Ronstar, You can use a little paste floor wax or even Vaseline to bring out the details better.
  14. J

    More Legend quirks

    Pull tabs do have a wide spread depending on age & type. Usually a site has a predominate smaller range. My standard Pull tab Notch is 29-34. I find M3 or single 4 kHz works best. Nickels can also vary depending on depth & corrosion & minerals from 20-26.
  15. J

    Old park pops out a keeper!

    Man, that really is a nice one, must have been lost pretty fresh. I am really liking M3 also. Not a $50, but a $2.50 Gold piece will TID just a little above a Nickle!