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Recent content by kmyer74

  1. K

    Gpx 4500 depth?

    Hello everyone,i have a question about gpx depth. I use it for relic hunting. I have watched videos and guys have told me that they have dug .58 cal civil war bullets at 15+ inches. I have a test garden and a bullet at 12" i can barely here and i have another one buried at 14" and it can not be...
  2. K

    F75 dst odd garden test

    So,my f75 ltd dst is alot quieter after upgrade but it has lost depth especially in all metal. Anyway,i went to my test garden this evening to check a couple things because yesterday i got a shallow iron signal and my brother came right behind me and dug a minie ball at that spot with at pro...
  3. K

    TDI PRO settings for relics?

    I just got a tdi pro for hunting cw relics. Been using f75 ltd for years but new upgrade killed all metal depth. Anyway,i am in east tn and the soil is fairly good in most places i hunt. Looking for suggestions on what settings to start with. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  4. K

    F75 LTD Upgrade problem?

    Hi everyone,I recently sent my f75 ltd that I have had for 5 years in for the upgrade mainly for the dst around electric fences and other emi. Anyway,I got it back Friday and went to my test garden. I mainly ran my old machine in all metal but occasionally in disc mode. Ok,i started with the...
  5. K

    Pretty neat find.....

    My brother found this while we were hunting a union camp in east tn today. We'd never seen a piece of lead like this before. Any ideas as to why the soldier imprinted the buttons into the lead? The lead is flattened and is probably 3 inches wide.
  6. K

    A few relics...

    Got out for a couple hours in one of Longstreets east Tn camps yesterday.
  7. K

    Block I

    Got out for 2 hours yesterday with thw f75ltd.
  8. K


    In my test garden(gb around 55) i have a .58 cal 3 ringer buried at 9 inches. In BP 2TF sensitivity at 95 i have to sweep over it 10-15 times just to get a small "chirp" and t.he VD.I stays at 12-13. I can go to all metal and i do hear it but the VDI stays aroun 12-13 and jumps to around 90...
  9. K

    A few finds from yesterday

    Finds from a Union camp thats been hunted since the early 70s. The burnside was intact but the bullet fell off once i got it out. HH
  10. K

    f75 bp vs all metal?

    I am wondering how much if any depth is lost in all metal mode compared to boost process? I usually use all metal but was wondering if im losing depth. Thanks in.advance
  11. K

    F75 se control knob?

    Control knob came off of my f75 se(the one below the display) and cant find it. Anybody know where i can find another one? TIA
  12. K

    deleting topic?

    Is their anyway to delete a topic i started?
  13. K

    Burnside Carbine

    Didnt find much this evening but im happy with this.....found it in a union camp that has been pounded since the 70s.....f75 ltd sniffed it out at a good 10 inches
  14. K

    A few CW finds

    Got out for a couple hours in the nice weather we are having. Gotta clean the eagle buttonup a little bit.
  15. K

    CW bullets?

    Buddy of mine found these and sent me the pic to see if there cw era bullets or not. Says most seem to be around .44 cal including the shot 3 ringer with flat base. Im just not sure. Any info will be greatly appreciated.