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Recent content by metalhead

  1. M

    GOLD HIT $1500 oz this morning!!!

  2. M

    GOLD HIT $1500 oz this morning!!!

    Headin' back out to the goldfields!:garrett::detecting: I'm motivated!:bouncy:
  3. M

    GOLD HIT $1500 oz this morning!!!

    Time to head back to the goldfields!:garrett::detecting: Yep!:thumbup:I'm motivated!:wiggle:
  4. M

    GOLD HIT $1500 oz this morning!!!

    I think I'm gonna see how my AT Pro likes nugget shootin'!:garrett::detecting: Headin' back out to the goldfields!:super:
  5. M

    GOLD HIT $1500 oz this morning!!!

    I think I'm headin' back out to the goldfields!:garrett::detecting:
  6. M

    A first for me on first hunt with AT Pro!:garrett::detecting:

    Got my AT Pro on Friday and so far I am lovin' it!:bouncy:Wifey and I camped out over the weekend on some privately owned land that I had gained permission to hunt! I spent the better part of both Saturday and Sunday hunting with AT Pro and Scorpion. My better half was gracious enough to follow...
  7. M

    'Bout time I jump on the bandwagon here:razz:

    Got my AT Pro comin' on Friday.:garrett::detecting:Wasn't plannin' on gettin' it 'til around now anyways.:wiggle: I'll be doin' some fresh water wading/lake and river swim beach hunting this Spring and Summer. We're gonna do some field huntin' over the weekend. Temps in the seventies. I'll be...
  8. M

    Figured I'd paste a link to AT Pro field test report here:wiggle:

    From Garrett forum about a week ago. Great field test report on AT Pro from Lost Treasure Magazine online.:thumbup:,1395196 Happy Hunting!:smile:
  9. M

    AT PRO Review from Lost Treasure Magazine:thumbup:

    Hey guys, here's the review of the Garrett AT Pro from Lost Treasure Magazine March 2011.:wiggle: Awesome review by Chris Gholson!:clapping: Happy Hunting!:smile:
  10. M

    Pleasant day at the beach:garrett::twodetecting:

    My better half and I had a pleasant day at the beach today. Nice temps(mid 70s)and sunny. Found some crusty clad and junk. Me with LS and wifey with Ace sportin' that neat little "Butterfly" coil. Pics of some neat lookin' nicknacks. She found the ring. :blowup:That little...
  11. M

    Ever encounter anything like this while beach detecting?
  12. M

    20 year old machines find the nuggies:garrett::twodetecting:

    Finally getting around to posting these pics of some nuggies found a couple/few weeks ago while we were prospectin' at our gold claim in CA. Found a couple with the Scorp and one with the old GMH. Two and a half grams in all. Same nuggetts shown on the Scorp coil. Wifey and I had dug down quite...