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Recent content by MNCoinhunter

  1. MNCoinhunter

    First Reale

    Nice !
  2. MNCoinhunter

    Silver trifecta Saturday and today’s hunt!!!

    That’s a great day .. congrats !
  3. MNCoinhunter

    Shouldn't have been there. (Infinium Find)

    Nice finds ! I think salt and vinegar is effective but harsh. I make a paste with baking soda and water and work the grime off.
  4. MNCoinhunter

    Very nice KG!

    Very nice ! 👍🏻
  5. MNCoinhunter

    big silver

    That’s a great day .. congrats !
  6. MNCoinhunter

    What are the odds of these 2 finds?

    That is crazy cool ! 👍🏻
  7. MNCoinhunter

    Old Explorer II .. still the best at sniffing out silver !

    As always .. very impressed with Minelab. Get through the learning curve and reap the rewards ! :detecting:
  8. MNCoinhunter

    Ferrous vs Conductive

    Which one do you use .. and why ?:usaflag:
  9. MNCoinhunter

    Explorer II

    Hey .. long time no see ! :detecting: I just got a sweet deal on an Explorer II with the stock 1000 coil and a 10X12 SEF. Anyone have any time on the stock coil ? Was curious how it performed . .Pros? Cons? Thanks .. it's nice to be back
  10. MNCoinhunter

    I'll be back .. :detecting:

    Hope to be posting more to this group very soon .. Winters are long and tough in northern MN .. Peace
  11. MNCoinhunter

    Explorer issue . .

    My SE has been pulsing, for lack of a better word, like when you might be getting interference from an electric fence. Even if I'm miles from any electric utilities. Connections are tight. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Going to try a factory reset and see if it helps ..
  12. MNCoinhunter

    A question . .

    When did metal detecting stop being a working man's hobby, and become a pastime for people driving around in $40,000 SUV's and sipping lattes ? Did I miss something ?
  13. MNCoinhunter

    Attn: SE Pro users ..

    I am interested to know what some of your settings are .. Which one's do you tend to stick with that give results ? I have slowly been gravitating to Manual sensitivity because I feel it is getting more depth despite the fact that it is noisier (almost to the point of annoying) .. Anyways...
  14. MNCoinhunter

    Free .. brand new (red) plastic cap for Sunray X-1 inline probe.

    ... to the first person who sends me a PM. Sorry, no photo. But it's brand new ! Good luck !
  15. MNCoinhunter

    Time for a change ..

    I am considering selling my Minelab Explorer for a Deus. Looking for something with a faster response time and lightweight. Would like to hear some pros and cons before I part with my beloved Explorer . .