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Recent content by Mxt Sniper

  1. M

    Chicken Gold Camp ALASKA ?

    I think so after watching several videos on the place.
  2. M

    Garrett Bought Whites!!!

    I hope to see Garrett bring the Whites Hybrid half sine to market. It was in prototype quite awhile. Revisions to the original prototype seemed to keep it from mfg.
  3. M

    Ultimate Prospecting Detector

    We can dream can't we?? After reading awhile on the forums about tech available now days, I would like to see a new pi nugget detector built by a company that will sell at a reasonable price, with a timing switch, 8 usec timing for tiny gold nugget hunting to say half grain sensitivity, and a...
  4. M

    GMZ And Silent Threshold

    We have been reading about the development of the simple nugget detector by Whites, the GMZ. The big question is, why did they build a nugget detector with a silent threshold?? Generally a nugget detectorist with a vlf detector runs his manual ground balance either dead on or slightly positive...
  5. M

    Prospector Package??

    Why isn't there a package deal that includes all three coils available for the ATX along with the hardcase? I would want all three coils to start with if I order the detector. I would not pay 450 for that 8" coil but as a prospector would need it for sure.
  6. M

    Fine Gold Production Recovery Methods for Desert

    I have some friends with a couple pretty good claims in Nevada about 45 miles from the nearest main road, trouble is the gold on the claims is 100-400 mesh, is there any way to recover this gold on site with a small production operation? Is there a drywasher that will recover to this mesh? Or...
  7. M

    Small Coils: Nugget Finder 8x6 Versus 7x12

    I was wondering if anyone has had any personal experience with these two coils on tiny nuggets. The 8x6 mono nugget finder, and the 7x12 mono nugget finder. I am thinking of buying a 7x12 mono coil as my "go to" small coil for my gpx 4000, and am hoping the 7x12 will not give up any tiny...
  8. M

    What Extra Coils For My GPX4000?

    I recently bought a clean used gpx4000, the machine came with only a 11" commander mono coil, the 11" is a good all around general use coil but I am wanting to purchase a couple more coils to round out my coil collection, as for a small coil, I was thinking a minelab commander mono 8" round...
  9. M

    Specialty Tot Lot Coil, Who's Gonna Build it??

    I do quite a bit of tot lot hunting, I would think or hope its possible to build a small 5" sniper coil that is shielded better around the edges so one could detect much closer to the metal posts and supports in the tot lots?? Is this possible? Seems liike it would be a good seller if so. As it...
  10. M

    Any Reviews on SSP-5100 PI Detech Detector?

    I was on the Detech website looking at coils for my vlf and saw they have this digitally controlled SSP-5100 PI detector, was wondering if any good for nugget hunting? Anyone see any reviews??
  11. M

    Special Coil Wanted for Gold Bug 2, any techs?

    I have a couple buddies that are very successful pocket miners, they are in need of a special coil to attach to the gold bug 2 detecting, actually belt mount the gold bug 2 and use just a hand wand handle with a 2.5-3" round coil attached, so what I need is someone to build and properly tune a...
  12. M

    Grain Size Nugget Air Tests??

    I am curious, anyone with a 2-3 grain gold nugget able to do an air test for us with the AT Gold detector?? I am curious. Most the available gold in the gold fields is grain size stuff so a detector should be able to pick this size up to be in the running for average use.