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Recent content by nenadgbeepin

  1. nenadgbeepin

    legend charger cable

    Simplex/Kruzer/Anfibio/Legend charge cable is the same.
  2. nenadgbeepin

    Can't upload version 1.07

    I had that when loading 1.06, downloaded the USB drivers, then it worked fine. 1.07 worked first go. Also make sure you extract all files from the Zip folder, then use the unzipped .bin file.
  3. nenadgbeepin

    Favorite Sovereign coil?

    Minelab 11" Coinsearch coil, and a close second the Detech 14x10" Excelerator
  4. nenadgbeepin

    Equinox getting dumped

    Rather than a Nox 1000 what I want is a 3030 lite. Loose some weight with an external cable/thinner shaft, sort of Anfibio style build, and then add some single frequency options and a proper threshold based all metal mode with VCO audio and I'd have my dream machine.
  5. nenadgbeepin

    The Legend's Tone sample.

    Yeah basically you can run 6 tone, and if all tone bins are set to the same tone you have 1 tone. I generally like 4-tone when general coin hunting, so I can work with the 6-tone and create a custom set.
  6. nenadgbeepin

    Does anyone still repair Sovereigns?

    Yep, I've got about three here and a big bunch of coils. Keep thinking I should put a couple packages together and sell them off, but probably just keep them for parts/spares.
  7. nenadgbeepin

    The Legend is here!

    I have a 3030, and that has still been my primary beach machine the last few years. But I have favoured Impact on inland sites due to coil options, concentric coil, and very fast recovery being a few reasons. I also like VCO option for shallow targets. I wanted the Anfibio Multi to replace...
  8. nenadgbeepin

    New multi frequency machine

    With standard coils, I always thought a 9" concentric (like on the X-terras, but maybe some other machines too??) was the best standard coil for general purpose coin detecting. Then you could get the 6" for better separation, and then a 10-11" round for better depth/coverage at the beach or...
  9. nenadgbeepin

    Anyone have any feed back on 8.5 coil?

    8.5 round is my favoured coil on the Simplex. Improved separation, easier to pin-point and doesn't sacrifice much depth over the stock coil.
  10. nenadgbeepin

    Simplex and pin pointer

    You need to use the Freq shift function on your PulseDive - works great!
  11. nenadgbeepin

    Some depth Tests, Minelab, Nokta, Garrett

    Did some playing on a test bed on the weekend as part of an event I was involved with. The targets were all buried deep, mainly intended for PI gold machines. One of the targets was an Aussie 1c copper coin. Being a small but high conductive coin, I was curious to see if any of the coin...
  12. nenadgbeepin

    Anfibio and Mars 7"DD

    Just a very quick test on the beach yesterday with the Anfibio Multi and Mars 7"DD. Worked the wet sand gutters first in my preferred All-metal mode, after first ground balancing in beach. 20 kHz, iSat 6 and Sens 67 worked great. Ran very stable as long as you didn't bang the sand. Going into...
  13. nenadgbeepin

    Fors Gold + for coins

    Hi all, I've been trying out a Fors Gold + and it can definitely be used as a capable coin machine. I still prefer DI3 on the CoRe for most general coin work, but for cherry picking high activity sites, where you are only targeting coins in the first 2 inches, the Gold + is dynamite. Not sure...
  14. nenadgbeepin

    Vaquero vs Bandido II µmax

    Hi all, Long time lurker first time poster. I recently acquired a Vaquero and am comparing it to my Bandido II µmax which I've had for a while now. I'd like to share a few observations, with a few questions along the way: 1. I much prefer the Vaquero's start up beeps to the ear piercing...