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Recent content by Picketwire

  1. P

    multi frequency

    Thank you very much Carl! I do appreciate it. I was hoping you would comment and you even answered questions that I was afraid to ask.
  2. P

    multi frequency

    When I started this thread I considered calling it "hype" which is what I was seeing in regard to SMF. There were many claims like "obsolete", best ever, etc by people who used SMF detectors. I was tired of the hype but I decided not to call it "hype" because it would offend owners of SMF...
  3. P

    multi frequency

    On the same forum I mentioned is another thread titled "Minelab Equinox Owners-Question" that answers what I wanted to know. The thread is quite long but also mentions the CZ detectors and compares them to the Equinox. It is quite interesting. Like I said if you haven't figured out which...
  4. P

    multi frequency

    Okay, not the rage, just a lot of interest. I can't divine the interest of most people but in the Minelab forum, the makro/nokta forum, and the Garrett forum there seems to be a lot of interest. I've seen on the Deus forum people wanting XP to produce one. There are people on the Fisher...
  5. P

    multi frequency

    No. I believe it is against forum rules to mention other forums. I am sure an internet search will reveal the source and I know that you complained about him saying he recovered a dime head up if that helps.
  6. P

    multi frequency

    I don't know if it is right to quote someone from another forum. The post is titled SMF-contender or pretender. It has to do with comparing phase shift angles at different frequencies to help see targets "in the matrix".
  7. P

    multi frequency

    I got some good replies from experts on a different website. If anyone is interested start a conversation.
  8. P

    Get Ready | XP Metal Detectors

    What is interesting? I do not subscribe to anything at present. I own a Deus and if I have to submit myself to subscription to find out what is going on, maybe I have the wrong brand.
  9. P

    I Need Help!

    My friend, I really do not know. I don't attend one. I personally would steer away from ones with huge expensive buildings and ministers driving expensive cars. I would look for ones with poor folk attending but that is just my opinion.
  10. P

    Crackers or no crackers?

    I gained two pounds just reading this thread!
  11. P

    What's your favorite beer?

    First choice: cold Second choice: free
  12. P

    Native American artifacts....

    My great uncle, shortly after the dust bowl in the 1930's used to find arrowheads all over where the soil blew away down to the hardback. He had hundreds or maybe thousands of them. Last I knew they were displayed in the bank in my old home town. In my preteen years, my family used to go with...
  13. P

    I Need Help!

    My bad--Micah 6:8
  14. P

    New multi frequency machine

    Things that are undetectable with other detectors will still be in the ground when it thaws.
  15. P

    Omega 8500

    I have a 4 inch coil for the omega and one for the F2. The F2 one plugs into the control box just fine. Trouble is sensitivity has to be set almost halfway up to detect a dime rubbing on the bottom of the coil. At full sensitivity, separation is fantastic at a depth of up to and inch and a...