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$11,000+ in clad!!

Hey guys,

I hit a new ultimate goal today. It has taken me 7 years to finally reach a new total clad amount of $11,007 in total clad found!! I went out today and found a nice $10.41 in 3 hours. I also hit another goal of $1.000 + in total clad for 2020 today! Its getting harder and harder to find clad these days with the whole virus going on. Parks and school closer does not help.

I have new hope in finding more clad now with my new settings suggested by a friend of mine that has been clad hunter for 30 years now. I have my nox 800 set on park 1. Recovery speed at 1 and sensitivity at 25. I am digging deeper targets and slowing down my swing speed. A dead park today brought me over $10!

My next goal? Not sure haha! We will see what next year brings. Don't think another $1,000 in clad is in the cards. Just toooo hard to find now. Its been a fun ride though!.

Ever wonder how I clean all my clad? Check out utube channel. I will show you how its done right!

These picks are from 2018, 2017, 2016 totals!!

Treasure Finder 44



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Well-known member
Good to see you posting here! You ARE the Clad King!!
Good to see you posting here! You ARE the Clad King!!
Good to see you here SeebeeRon! I figure I could post my findings here too! I have been out hunting lately. I found $11 on Sunday at $12.98 yesterday. I hit a park that I have been to many times. I was there 2 weeks ago and found almost $13. I wanted to hit it again and scan it the opposite direction. It's really is amazing that you can still find clad if you hunt in a pattern! It seems to work for me. I plan on getting a 15 inch coil in a few weeks. We will see how that goes.

Treasure Finder 44 and Nox dude! LOL


Well-known member
😮😮😮😮😮 Incredible amount of clad!!!!!!
You must be at crawling speeds with recovery at 1.


Well-known member
Great mother lode there. By chance did you keep track of the % of nickels found to your quarters, dimes with your Nox ? And how were your Jewelry finds ?
Great job of hunting them coins down !


Active member
44, you should trun that in before banks stop taking change. I might have fround that much in my 20 years hunting, but i trun it in every year. Why work hard at finding it and not use it. I know one that always buys gold with his finds, that will always be worth something, That is alot of holes, con-grats.


Well-known member
As an “old coin snob” I DETEST clad. But THAT, sir, is #&$@*$ INSANE!!! To think that ONE person can go find that many coins is completely mind boggling. There just aren’t any words to describe that, and I’m not normally short on words.


Well-known member
Awesome.....there is no other word for it.I would do what Flinstone said though and cash it in quick....invest in something.....It won't be much good in a cashless society.