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11" Smart Coil


Active member
Ok, friends. After 7 years of heavy abuse, my 11" coil wants to take a permanent trip to the landfill. It is throwing the "Coil Not Connected" error intermittently. I suspect a break or short in the wire, but I have the electric skills of a thumbless squirrel. Has anyone on here had any luck in fixing this yourself or can you provide any tips on what to look for? I have a second coil, so it's not going to drive me to curl up in the fetal position in my bathtub with a case of Natty and a bag of McDoubles if I have to trash it. I just want to make sure I have done everything I could to make it work.


Well-known member
Keith at works on all detectors except Minelab. He has been very helpful in advising me on issues with detectors. I would give him a text and see what his thoughts would be concerning your coil. Good luck!


Well-known member
(310) 635-0869 Contact for Bill Lahr in CA. Ask him if he will look at it.


Ive fixed a couple. Put the ctx in pinpoint and near metal and move the wiring/ cable to find the intermittent. It can be at either cable end. Let me know if you are about to toss it and Ill pay shipping to get it. I always wanted to cut one open to get the ic circuit to use on custom coils but I ended up fixing the coil instead!
If you find the open there are guys on ebay that will fix it for you.


New member
Hi All,

Sorry to hear about your 11" coil Bryan. I can feel your pain cause mine (about the same age) just started to give me the coil not detected message (intermittent):cry: I think the short is at the coil end where the cable makes that tight "S" turn into the shaft. I did a bit of wiggling of wires like bklein mentioned to test. I think that the repeated bending in that area when putting the machine into and out of the carry bag is what cause the wire(s) to short out. I really don't like the idea of having to remove the coil every time I put in or take out of the carry bag:thumbdown:

I have the 6" and 17" coils so the CTX is not fully down but I mostly use the 11" and 6".

I will need to replace the 11" but was thinking of the 10x5 by Coiltek. I think for my beach/water hunting the 11" would be better cause from what limited info I have read reviewers seem to indicate the 11" stock is deeper. Anyone know how the 10x5 does in highly mineralized ground. I live in an area with hot ground where the recommended sensitivity is rarely above 15 and mostly in the 10 range. Does anyone know if the 10x5 has neutral bouyancy? I would be using it in the water a lot so I'm wondering what kind of drag does it have in water? I take it the 10x5 connector is waterproof like the OEM coils? Any feed back would be appreciated.

I guess the easy answer would be to get both but now were talking $700+ ---> Ouch.


Andy Sabisch

Active member
A few things . . . .

1) Check with Fort Bedford Detectors as they are the Minelab authorized service center and can tell you what the repair would cost. At least you would have a number to compare to other options

2) The Coiltek coil is buoyant and would not be a good option for water hunting . . . the larger coil from Coiltek is heavier than the 17" Minelab coil and offers more drag so that would not be an option either.

3) If you need to replace it, see if you can get a used one on the Classifieds . . . know of a few local hunters that have taken the stock coil off and use either a Coiltek or larger Minelab coil all the time and they sold their stock 11" coil.



New member
Thanks for the info on the buoyancy Andy that is a big factor for me.

Looks like a new (used) 11" for me. I'll have to see if my broken one can be fixed but probably not waterproof after any cable repair.



Active member

I do have a "backup" 11" that will now be my primary I guess, along with the 17". I had the 6" before, several years ago, but sold it because it's just not my hunting style to creep that slowly. I know, I know - I am missing stuff in heavy trash.

I did recently buy a 10x5 Coiltek to try out in trashy areas. I primarily use my E-Trac with the 7.5x3.5 coil in heavy trash but I will at least give the Coiltek a shot. Also good to know that it "floats" - thanks Andy.

I will say that the 10x5 fits great in my backpack with the not-to-be-named-and-really-terrible travel shaft for the CTX. Maybe I will make it my new "mountain howitzer" rig for those long hikes in the brush and hills.

Still no word on the coil repair. I tried calling the fella I sent it to yesterday and got a busy signal all freaking day. We shall see.


Active member
Perhaps TOO obvious but might try cleaning with electrical contact cleaner both male/female terminals for the coil connector. If you're a water hunter like me the coil connector inside the housing can become corroded or compromised and electronic cleaner might do the trick or at least worth a try.