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A survey


New member
its time for your input, what detectors have you owned in the past and what do you currently own?
I will get things started; ya I need profesional help!!!!

I have owned;

at pro
gti 2500
gti 1500
gtax 550
excalibur 1&2
xterra 70, 705
soverign gt
detector pro pi
sand shark
whites pi 6000
whites dual field
sea hunter 1&2

own now;
cz 21 larger coil
gtax 550


New member
Maybe a question should be asked. It usually takes someone a very long time to really learn what a detector can do. Are you a dealer? How can anyone have as much time to get the feel for a detector that he or she can own this many detectors?


Well-known member
Jedco's 5 of them, I kept taking them back trying to get one that would work. All were gone within a month.:thumbdown:
White's 5000D, 6000Di
Tecneticis 9000D, & Mark 1
Fisher 1265x, 1266x, CZ-5, & 1270,

Fisher F75Ltd, & CZ-3D
Tesoro Tejon


New member
I have owned:

Garrett ACE 250
Fisher Coin Strike
White's MXT
Garrett GTP 1350
Fisher Excel
White's IDX Pro

I currently own:

Fisher ID Edge
Garrett ATPro


New member
Only been at it a year.



New member
Had: BH QDII - Didn't like that it had no pinpoint function
Fisher F4 - Too chatty
Xterra 705 - good machine, traded it to try the FBS machines
M6 - good machine just wanted to try something different
Omega 8000 - Could not operate all functions due to physical impairments
AT Pro - Could not operate all functions due to physical impairments
XLT - Too many adjustments
MXT Pro - Good machine, just had a minor issue with it and lost confidence in it
Safari - didn't like weight, balance, slowness and its tones
Explorer II - similar dislikes to the Safari plus the discontinued/repair concern
Etrac - good machine, just one of the few who wasn't that impressed with it for the way I hunt

Current: Xterra 705
Silver Umax - wife's detector and/or backup


New member
Chinese crappy metal detector.
C.scope 3mx.
Garrett ace 250.
X-terra 70.

Xp Deus.
Golden mask 3.

Jason in Enid

Active member
I had a Garrett MH7 for about10 years
I soldit it to a friend and bought a Whites 6000 Di Pro SL and had it for about 10 or more years.
I have been swinging an E-Trac for 3 years

I bought a Whites Surfmaster 2, and SM PI about 10 years ago
I just bought a Minelab Excalibur 800.


Have owned:
Whites IDX
Xterra 505
Minelab Safari
Xterra 705
Fisher CZ-3D

Current machine:
Nautilus 2ba


Owned for many years
White's XLT it was my GO TO everywere machine, lot's of good years and find's with it. :(

I own in my country of origen to use when I go there on vacation (ones a year)
White's DFX
White's TM-808
Garrett CXiii with trasurehunt

here at home for the ocational weekend (wether permits) because here rain's a lot!
Sov. GT
white's 6000 PRO
and just got a new Etrac (still in the box) and afraid to used.
from SW Washington State


Been going almost a year now, so limited on what I have used.

Previously owned or used:

Tesoro Silver umax
Tesoro Compadre
Tesoro Cortes
Whites DFX
Teknetics G2

Own currently:

Teknetics G2 (for sale)
Whites M6 (on the way)

Mike Hillis

Well-known member
This is what I've owned and used since January of 2004:

BH Tracker II = 1 time
BH Tracker IV = 4 times
BH Sharpshooter = 1 time
BH Lone Star = 1 time
Pioneer 202 = 1 time

Tesoro Golden uMax = 4 times
Tesoro Golden Sabre II = 3 times
Tesoro Golden Sabre = 1 time
Tesoro Inca = 2 times
Tesoro Pantera = 1 time
Tesoro Tejon = 3 times
Tesoro Cortes = 4 times
Tesoro Compadre = 1 time

Fisher F5 = 2 times (different versions)
Fisher CoinStrike = 4 times
Fisher ID Edge = 1 time
Fisher CZ3D = 1 time
Fisher CZ70 = 2 times
Fisher GoldStrike = 2 times
Fisher F75 = 1 time
Fisher Goldbug = 1 time
Fisher F70 = 1 time
Fisher F2 = 1 time

White DFX = 4 times
Whites QXT = 2 times
Whites V3i = 1 time
Whites M6 = 1 time

Garrett Ace-250 = 1 time
Garrett AT Pro = 2 times

Teknetics T2 = 1 time
Teknetics Omega = 1 time
Teknetics Alpha = 1 time

Minelab Explorer II = 4 times
Minelab Xterra 70 = 3 times
Minelab Xterra 50 = 2 times
Minelab Xterra 305 = 1 time
Minelab Sovereign GT = 1 time

Nautilus 1 something or other....

Kind of interesting to put it all down like that. I think I captured them all. Have done quite a bit of buying and trying. Bought all of them from dealers or individuals from here on Findmall or over on the 'Depot. Yes, I learned how to use them all, though there are some, like the V3 that I'd not claim to have mastered. The multiple times are due to various things; such as sold it to buy another and then picked it up again later, or I was trying to make myself like them, or maybe I liked them and kept trying to use them but couldn't for what ever reason, etc.

My current ones are in my signature.

I have 8 years already aprox. metal detecting and the detectors I have owned are:
Bounty Hunter 101, still in my possession-first love.
Master Hunter Cx plus w/ its depth multiplier,-great for super deep relics- still in my possession.
Ace 250, traded in becuase of its slow recovery speed.
Tesoro Compadre w/ its swap coil connector,-the lightest detector I have used.-still in my possession.
Omega 8000, still in my possession- the deepest detector I have used and stable too.
Radio Shack jr detector, still in my possession but I'm planning to sell it.

I'm planning to buy a water submersible detector.


Well-known member
Garrett freedom
Bounty hunter pioneer
Silver sabre2