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And Here's My Take At The Old Place


Well-known member
Last year I didn't even feel like picking up the MXT Pro. This year is a different story. I gave it a try last week and found a few wheat cents with 1919 being the oldest and a cool 1955 dog tag. I believe that's the first picture. I also was testing to see if I still got what it takes to "know my machine". I honestly named things before I dug the trashy objects just to make sure. Oh yeah! It came back like ........what's the old saying, "Like riding a bicycle".

Then yesterday Larry and I went back to the old place. My MXT Pro was acting up starting to act up.

. Did happen to rescue the 1897 Barber quarter (which I honestly thought would be a newer one) and then the 1899 Indian cent. My machine was acting up on me like crazy. Time for a physical for sure. With that said, then my old SunRay Pro Gold headphones are going bad also. I guess I didn't do too bad. I honestly was about ready to pull my hair out but luckily I still have it. Dug 5 targets as you can see.

Oh, it feels good to be back in the "swing" of things...:twodetecting: Specially when one finds the oldest coin! TWICE!!:rofl::rofl:
Thanks for looking and happy hunting!



Larry (IL)

Well-known member
Some very nice finds and yes, "you still have it" :love:


Well-known member


Well-known member
Sweet finds. Congratulations on beating Larry with the two oldest coins.
Thank you Flinthunter. I still have them sitting out so I can see them. I sure have missed detecting, I can't hunt long but it sure is fun.


Well-known member
As you know, we went back to the old place again and I was already tired so I wasn't going to last too long. I only dug a few targets but what I dug was totally unbelievable. I had this awesome hit, dug about 7 inches down, still a bit more till I unearthed it! Brought it home, scrubbed it a bit.

Then after it was dried, I saw two initials. I think it might be Abe Lincoln's pocket knife. It's just got to be. Right? With those initials, who else could it be??? What is that I'm seeing in the photo???? Noooooooooo!!!!!! Oooppppsssss!!! :surrender:

Then I found those two wonderful Lincoln cents, oh baby! The bent square nail must be from the horse Lincoln was riding because that was about 7 inches deep........oh wait, he walked a lot, well maybe..... Never mind. I hit the JACKPOT hunting on that day! I don't think I could ever top that day again! Right? :biggrin:

Thank you Honey for wanting to go detecting. I had a grand time! :rolleyes:

I guess I did say, "totally unbelievable".

Oh, here's a few pictures...Enjoy!!


  • DSCN0399.JPG
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  • DSCN0401.JPG
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  • 20200518_191334.jpg
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Well-known member
As you know, Larry and I went back and this time I was ready to do some hunting. The 1935 Merc. dime was only 1" deep. The Wheats date from 1910 to 1958. The marble came out with a couple of wheat cents. Here is all my digs and thanks for looking.

Steve C., If you look, you will see there is actually dirt on my hands! :yikes: I don't have my "coin pickers" anymore. 💅 :cry:


  • May 23 2020.jpg
    May 23 2020.jpg
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  • 20200523_125513.jpg
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