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Carson City Morgan Dollar & A Barber Quarter!! / Another Gold Class Ring!!


Well-known member
Finds are from the last 2 weekend hunts at public researched sites. Everything was found with my eTrac.
The 1892 Morgan Dollar and the 1900 Barber Quarter were found at and old city park where a real old school used to set.
I pulled the Barber Quarter first. It was about 10 inches deep in the middle of a garbled up area full of Iron and Junk. My day was made at that point.

Right before I was ready to hit the road, about 50 feet from the quarter, I hit a real deep high tone in the middle of another area laden with iron and trash.
I was seeing 01-42 and 02-43 Ferrous/Conductivity numbers on my detector as I was trying to center it. "Possible Silver Dollar" quickly flashed into my mind but then I thought, I am sure it is just a crushed can or lid as is so often the case with that type of signal.
Up popped the huge silver from about 12 inches deep. I was in disbelief and thought how lucky I was to not hit it with my hand shovel.
This was my first old silver I have found to have a Carson City (cc) Mint mark.

I pulled A beauty of a 1959 Class Ring yesterday from a site so pounded I couldn't pull an old coin from. Before the ring came about 6 pop top beaver tail and crushed aluminum piece signals in a row.
Luckily I did dig the next low tone signal. It was giving me 12-16 Ferrous/Conductivity numbers @ about 7-8 inches. The shine of gold caught my eye right when I saw the top of the ring and I knew it was the real deal.
The first letter of the town high school on the ring isn't in the immediate area of where I found the ring so I may have to do some more research on that.

What a great hobby.

Thanks for looking!

Coin Finds
1892 cc Morgan Silver Dollar
1900 Barber Quarter (no mintmark), 1954 Washington Silver Quarter
9 Silver Dimes back to 1920
Nickels are back to 1891
2 Indian Head Pennies back to 1902
19 Wheat Pennies back to 1909

Other Finds
Women's 1959 Gold Class Ring
US Navy Honorable Discharge Pin (From my research WWI - 1930s era)
Older heavily silver plated ring (found at same site as Morgan Dollar)
Possible Horse Bridal Rosette (Star design in middle)
Good For 5 Cent Merchant Token
"Soo Line" Railroad lead items
Old White Pencil Sharpener
Old Corbin Key
Aluminum Tag Dated 1914
Misc. buttons, Old Hinge, Music Box Reeds


Well-known member
That had to be a stellar day being out and pulling that much history out of Mother Earth! I think June of ‘14 was when my grandfather when out and hid those item for me find later. If you would go back and put one or two back I’d appreciate it. 🙄


Well-known member
Dave, Congrats once again!!! The CC and ring are both extraordinary finds. Besides the supernatural amount of silver you pull in, I am amazed at how every post includes a quantity of really nice trade tokens.


Well-known member
Congratulations on those stellar finds


Well-known member
As always, absolutely incredible and impressive discoveries and a CC Morgan dollar to boot!! 😮😮


Well-known member
Thanks for looking everyone! I really appreciate the responses, views and likes.

Regarding June 9th, 1914. Not sure what that is part of but it is exactly 15 years before my Dad was born (June 9th, 1929).

Regarding Chris's question on Indian Heads and my theory. Never gave it much thought but It is not always easy to run into Indian Heads since they were last minted in 1909 and my year end Indian Totals are always comparable or exceed my V nickel totals which has a similar age range. Certain sites seem to have more of them and they seem to come in bunches sometimes. I never ever pass any deep signal in the indian penny range or well below Indian numbers. Maybe some of the shallow zincoln signals I skip are Indians.
Part of it is site selection I think. A few years ago when I went for more Indian heads at very old central city parks, my best year total was 92 which still didn't come close to my silver total.