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Elliptical coil


Active member
I'll second that. I like the HF elliptical, but I mostly hunt for coins and would love something that size with the lower frequencies.

I also wouldn't mind a hockey puck-style sniper coil for the Deus. Imagine the separation on something like that when you crank the reactivity up to 3+!


Active member
Same here. I notice with the 11 inch x35 that the higher the frequency, the louder the aluminum and the quieter the silver. Put a pull tab and quarter side by side and sweep over them and please tell me if you have different results. I am no expert.


Active member
I have 4 different coils and run the elip more than any other. Even on 28khz is very deep on coins and is great on gold and midranges. But a low kfz elip coil would be nice if you could norm off in the trashy sites which you can't do with the HFs.

Lodge Scent

Active member
Ok, if we are dreaming of coils....I want an X35 coil 4 X 6 elliptical. I had a 4X6 sniper for my old DFX and it always sniffed out stuff in the iron that I missed with the larger Whites coils. Of course my old 9" LF Deus coil found a bunch of stuff the little Whites 4X6 missed in the iron. Then of course my 9" round HF coil found stuff my LF coil missed. But still, I have to believe an XP sniper coil would be deadly.


the hf 9x5 keeps finding tiny slivers of metal and wastes my time diging on tiny bits of metal ,,its ok on very clean sites

its is deep as x35 coils tho

CT Todd

Well-known member
I hope that XP is focused on a multi frequency model of the Deus. What we have is good but we could do better. But , there is a new backpack so there's hope.


Well-known member
I sold my XP backpack. Was nice but liked what I have now better- it’s a Prince multi-racket tennis racket bag with split zippered main compartment for coil separation and zippered outer ( for mini shovel). Added a small bag inside main for headphones. Added shoulder straps too. It really is absolutely perfect for the Deus/ Orx , and works for many other detectors also. I think the coil selection is good as is , no doubt a mini-sniper would rock as long as not as expensive as others are.


yep if alaine can tweak the hf coil to low f it would be better for me too ,hf is not much use to me but has potential if software is tweaked