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Ever have one of those days.....? I just did.


Well-known member
So its been in the teens cold for the last week and a pretty good storm with dry snow hit us. I had the driveway (quarter mile) in and my lot and parking done. Last night it decided to warm up to 28-30F and snow another 3-4”. Ok, got up early and used the little 30hp 4wd diesel tractor to plow the road yet again. I get to the top and we are 99% drifted shut but the little beast has enough umph to push out to the city street, looks like only one lane width to get out as drifts are 24-30” of wet snow and I have limited storage capabilities up there. Anyway I get us cleaned up enough to get me and the neighbors in and out for now.
Had to go get second Covid shot at 8:30, yippee.
Come back and now have time to clean up the rest of the road and make it all pretty again. Pull tractor our of shop and notice brownish liquid on inside of right rear wheel and on sidewalls of the tire, ??????? Get off tractor to investigate, smells like axle fluid but foamy looking??? Not spewing out or under pressure...... decide better shut it down and looks like, if I guess correctly, maybe an axle seal blew. Crap.
Fire up ATV with blade!!!! Finish up what needs to be done!!!! Make last run at front of the shop and go to lift blade and “POP”..... get off and look..... synthetic rope on Warn Winch decides today is the day its time to break (well it is 10 years old.....). Crap.
Manage to drag the blade backwards still attached into the shop next to the tractor. At least not outside on the road in the wet and cold.

Now its supposed to maybe snow again on Sunday and tractor shop cant get here until Monday......
So anyone else ever have one of those days????


Well-known member
Yes. I call them "challenge" days. Well, not really. I have another phrase for them that I won't mention. All that snow? Yours is a whole lot worse than mine. Haven't seen snow in probably 30 years.

still looking 52

Well-known member
Last week we got hit by this ice storm, I mean this was the worst I've ever seen, we're calling it a once in 500 years event, it wiped out 1/2 the forest with trees falling everywhere.
I got lucky and only had some minor damage but we were without power for five days but this area is a huge mess.
Thank goodness for extra help they brought in from other states.


Well-known member
A bit of good news on the tractor! The fluid was ballast fluid from the tire and not any major internal fluids. I thought the wheels had calcium or sodium mixtures for weight but apparently not. Tire company went to the tractor shop and fixed it, not sure if something corroded the wheel at the rim or if the bead just broke. Its fixed at considerably less expense! Now $100 for the winch rope.......

Bill - De

Active member
Sorry for th ebad luck, but maybe it'a actually a little good, that all your troubles came at once. Now you can have a maintenance-repair day on the equipment, and get it all 100% for the next round.


Well-known member
No more rounds, Im done with December in February.......


Well-known member
Some days I feel like a cast member on the show Hee Haw when "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all". One of those days was just one day last week.