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Feel bad for the dealers


Active member
Minelab is getting ridiculous all they are doing is suppling Cabelas with Manticores. They had them for 3 days this past week then out of stock Thurs. and got supplied again today. I would say they had them on 6 occasions. Meantime my Dealer is still waiting and waiting and waiting. And he's a very reputable dealer in New England Area and getting pretty fed up with Minelab. I'm not buying from Cabelas until he has them. These guys are the heart and soul of this hobby. But it seems they are last on minelabs list. Pretty sad!!!


Well-known member
I don't understand it either. Is some middle man up selling somewhere? I bet dealers have confronted minelab for answers, what are they hearing back?:cautious:


Active member
It’s called allocation. Dealers , and that includes Cabela’s and other large chain stores, that move larger volumes of product get stock first. I doubt that Minelab sells directly to retailers. More than likely they sell to distributors who then sell to retailers. The stock is allocated proportionally to how much a dealer sells. A store that sells a $10,000 of product gets ten times as much of the available stock than a store that sells $1000. When the new stock situation improves then everyone will get what they need. Until then that’s the way it is. All businesses operate this way not just the metal detector business. The car business does the same.
When there’s a power outage after a storm the power company restores power to the largest blocks of homes and businesses first. Same principle. Business 101.


Active member
Finally my Manticore came last week from Kellyco. Downloaded the manual and had it printed up and put in a binder at Office Depot.
Turned out really good in color.
Been reading up and looking out today at rain and snow off and on. Bummer.
Hope there will be a Manticore forum classroom eventually to get some pointers for guys like me with their first Minelab.


Active member
Nobody is going to be discounting a hard to get new product while the demand is high. Some time down the road maybe but not now.


Active member
Nobody is going to be discounting a hard to get new product while the demand is high. Some time down the road maybe but not now.
Wrong check with your dealer.


Active member
I don't think that Mark was talking about the military discount from Minelab, I'm pretty sure he meant a general discount from a dealer for the asking. The mil discount only be used once in a 12 month period. I used my mine on a Nox 900min December. Many dealers have been denying the mil discount on hot items like the Manticore which is contrary to Minelab's policy.