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For all the guys and ( gals ) who have been detecting for a while ( like me almost 30 yrs ) what haven't you found yet.....

I have dreamed of finding a small jar with coins inside, called milk and butter money
Tony NJ
Don't we all. Still looking.

I have a crazy story for y'all.

A person who I restored power to his home after a storm had a keen interest in my metal detector I always carry in my line truck.
As we talked he told me of a story from around the 1930'$.
A Cleveland mob boss had to hide his wealth.
Something about tax's he was being investigated for.
The story goes he hid over a $30,000 in silver coins on his property which happened to be next to his.
I've worked on this guy for years trying to get on that property.
A couple years ago the old woman who owned it passed. And the factory next door was buying up the acreage. So this guy was probing the ground.
I'd stop by every few months still trying to get him to detect with me.
The last time I saw him and his wife.
I mentioned. You know most Italians like gold better than silver. Which I suspect the mobster bought.
Since gold and silver were pretty much the same price back then.
He said he'd probed pretty much every square ft.
Having read stories about mobsters in the day.
As I was talking to him and his wife.
I said you know. When they wanted to bury a body or something they didn't want ever to be found.
They'd dig down about three feet. And create a shelf about a foot below the surface.
Shave and roll the sod back.
Back fill up to the shelf then lay heavy planks and a steel plate on the shelf. Then finish back filling and replace the sod. As I said this there eye's lit up. Turning and nervously looking at each other.
I knew then they had found the steel plate.
Talked a bit more trying to get on with my big box coil detector.
I stopped back not a week later.
The house was vacant. Left most of their possessions. Even vehicles.
If it was silver I don't believe they'd just pickup an leave like that.
And they didn't offer me a jar or even a coin for helping them find it. I figure in gold it would have been a few million anyway.
His phone number still worked. Never answered.
Did not return text's.
A few months later the company next door bought the property and tore down the house and buildings.
Still I've never heard from them.
I hope he used my other advise about carefully selling them piece mail if he found it. If I could just remember where he said his home town was that he'd planned to move to after retirement.
Some where in Tennessee I think.

Gotta Love gratitude and Greed.
I relic hunt and have found many US buckles and boxplates, lots of Confederate and Yankee buttons, bullets. The one thing that has eluded me after 37 years, is a very common Yankee breastplate. My brother has dug a few I saw them come out the hole. Dang it!! I have dug a Confederate shoulder belt plate and a CS tongue though.
you are truly a blessed Relic Hunter.
Well what a great reunion , found one copper large cent , an eagle cuff button , a tombac and a very old drawer pull escussion plate. My brother got skunked but got a lot of exercise trudging thru the woods. My buddys son got a nice old tombac conastoga bell and exercise. My buddy was the top dog with 3 flat buttons a large copper and a bucket lister (1897 Morgan silver Dollar O mint mark) He was in shock for a couple minutes,,,, My brother and I have swung this area for the past 2-3 years and must have missed that spot by inches. We are all very happy for him. Bucket listers are always a great day out. The coin cleaned up nice , looks like mint condition.
20+ years...I've been plenty lucky to have found seated dimes, quarter, and half dollar, all the Barber denominations, a trime, and two center so, I can't complain.

The list I'd love to dig:
1- seated half dime
2- any capped bust silver
3- flying eagle
4- large cent
5- Any US gold coin