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Active member
Do the headphones make that much of a difference?

Most of the places I go to I don't use headphones at all. Either due to the PNW wild life (bears and cougars galore) or possible 2 legged predators.

Am I missing stuff not using the wireless headphones that came with my legend?


With all due respect, If I could not go out metal detecting without worrying about dangerous animals or dangerous humans, I would start looking for a safer place to detect and maybe to live. :oops:


Well-known member
If I was forced to hunt without headphones I would quit. Hunting without them is also at the top of the inconsideration level if you are in any contact with others at most anytime. Obviously it sounds as if you are not but nonetheless , without a clear threshold and the amplification the headphones provide for deeper targets , you are most likely missing a lot of the more subtle signals. As far as the wireless that come with the Legend goes , I have no affinity for them and still use wired backphones exclusively. If you are concerned that much about surrounding threats I would suggest one of the headphones with a single ear piece or just using regular headphones in that manner.


Well-known member
Where I live and do a majority of detecting is VERY rural.
I avoid places with lots of people or go in off hours and less than ideal weather.
To answer your question yes headphones make a huge difference when detecting, headphones allow you to hear the deeper fainter targets that you may other wise may not hear

, I do understand your reluctance to wear a set of headphones or ear buds, i currently use a Neckband speaker made by a company called Avantree, they are called Avantree Torus neckband speaker, the avantree Neckband speaker can be used one of two ways as a speaker that you wear around your neck or they also have earbuds incorporated into the neckband speaker system, I use these because it allows me to keep my ears attuned to targets and also to enable me to be aware of my surroundings, I also hunt in remote areas when detecting for gold nuggets, the possibility of running into a bear is always there or a mountain lion, or two legged varmints that are up to no good LOL

the Avantree Torus neckband speaker basically moves the sound closer to your ears and allows you to hear deeper targets, but there is still a chance of not hearing the deeper more faint targets unless you use the on board earbuds, they also work great when I have my hearing aids in which is almost always, the Avantree Torus makes the tones sound very loud but when I have asked people around me if they are hearing the tones from my Legend they always respond no, they have to be fairly close to me to hear the tones coming from my Legend and when I say close I am talking less than 5 feet from me I would say within 2-3 feet if they are closer than 2-3 feet then I tell them they are invading my space and ask them if they would mind backing off a bit.


Well-known member
There used to be a company, (maybe still is) that made a one-earphone unit. If I remember correctly it was called, The Rattler". I thought it worked great except for the part that goes over your head. It fit too tight around my big noggin and very quickly got to feeling rather uncomfortable. But, it was nice to hear deep targets and still hear "other" things.


Active member
I may have to look into these...

The plus side of being more likely to see large animals than people in many of these places is I can be as loud as I want.

I wouldn't have it any other way! In a single day, I may see more natural beauty than some may see in a lifetime.

david bull

Well-known member
I have a Nokta EZ Wander that adapt wired headphones to your Legend. I sold my Legend and no longer need.$70 shipped..


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Well-known member
Low latency?
the inductivv's are low latency just not aptX LL, the aptX LL is just one codec of Bluetooth, there are many Codec's of Bluetooth or Qualcomm and there is differences between each codec, with out me going into detail you should go search Bluetooth Codec's, it will be quite an eye opener, like the Legend it utilizes aptX LL codec


Active member
Finally actually used the headphones that came my legend and was pleasantly surprised.

If it wasn't for the fact that the machine has been such a finicky bitch, could have been a great day?

I really hope Nokta fixes whatever is wrong or replaces. I want to like this thing sooooo bad!


Well-known member

These work very well for me with the Legend​

HomeSpot Neckband Wireless Earbuds aptX Low Latency Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth 5.1 Qualcomm®​

I had the homespots and they worked great, but only for a short time…Mine lost the ability to pair…They would pair for about 10 seconds and then stopped working….I tried them on my ipad and the same thing happened…


Well-known member
Are there other brands available that will pair with the Legend?
I have just started using these new Bone Conduction headphones called Lingo, also made by Avantree and they are great so far I have only had them for one day though but so far in my testing of the Lingo's in my test bed today they seem like they are going to be fantastic for detecting and they pair rite up with the Legend and thr two little LLs are present next to the Bluetooth icon on the Legend screen when paired to the Legend, and the price is quite reasonable for a bone conduction headphone.